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 Hooked on playing live music, want to live your dream, tired of the odd one-nighter that ain't gonna add much to your experience. If music is supposed to be your profession, then get out of town, hop on an airplane and play music till you drop.  

If you're an artist looking to perform with a great live band and travel the world, this opportunity is for you. If you have the talent, we have the gig, guaranteed. 

What is expected?

At el-live Productions, we always strive to keep our brand promise: Every night is a Saturday night. We aim for creating nightly concert-level performances, and we expect each el-live artist to contribute to that mission.

🗓 Weekly Schedule

🎵6 nightly performance 
🎵1 day off 
🎵3 afternoon rehearsal sessions per week, adding new material every week
🎵3 pre-rehearsal artist briefings - 10 minutes
🎤Stage skills

🎵Learn & master all necessary stage skills
🎵Improve stage performance through weekly live band recordings & self-evaluation
🎵Musicians are also required to put effort to start or add singing to their skills


🎵Upgrade your wardrobe in line with el-live standards
🎵Daytime attire to be 5-star hotel appropriate
🎵The band will submit nightly wardrobe pictures


  🎵 Always professional
  🎵 Kill them with kindness
  🎵 Finish the job
  🎵 Take care of each other
  🎵 Improve, improve, improve
  🎵 Don't forget to have fun

What to expect?

Here at el-live, we value all the great effort each artist is putting into their craft, and we want to make a long-lasting career with you, not just one gig and move on. We have a well-structured team to make sure we can bring you all these values:

🎵 Steady work & stable salary
🎵Worry-free travel to many different countries & cities during the gig time
🎵 Chance to network with worldwide talents
🎵Continuous training on both your stage skills and people skills
🎵 Professional 5-star hotel work environment
🎵 Open communication & transparency culture
🎵“It was musicians leading musicians” company
        🎵 And many more exciting perks waiting for you!

What is required?

🎵 Appropriate talents & skills
  🎵 Good presentation & image
  🎵 Ready & eager to learn & grow regardless of prior experience
  🎵 Energy & passion, please don’t be shy to show your enthusiasm & drive 
  🎵 A team player, willing to support and contribute to your band’s success
  🎵 Good people skills, good manners, and a likable personality
  🎵 Note: you must be at least 21 years old
 🎵 Part of the process may require candidates to give references and interview by video call

Application Form Directions

🎵All fields without is not required
🎵Resume/CV is not required, but if you have your bio or resume, please use pdf format to upload

 Start your adventure, what do you have to lose? We're only one click away.