Platform & Systems Engineering

San Francisco, CA
Embark is a small team in San Francisco working to make the self-driving future a reality for trucking. A few weeks ago we opened the longest automated freight route in the world at 650 miles. We have a lot more to build and are looking to bring on talented engineers interested in the autonomous vehicle space.

The Platform & Systems Engineer will be responsible for overseeing the design, integration, and testing of all components on the truck. You will be the interface between the high level algorithms and the truck itself, you will work on sensor and actuator integration, testing and validation, hardware component development, and safety. Your main responsibility is to ensure that the truck platform is stable at all times as we build out and scale up our fleet.

This role will have you working on nearly every component of the autonomous truck and allow you to have a key role in how the technology is developed.

You should have:

    • Worked with many robotic systems
    • Experience building a safe and reliable vehicle from scratch
    • A strong foundation in computer science and software engineering
    • Core understanding of electrical and mechanical engineering
    • Knowledge of Linux, real-time and embedded systems
    • Experience with functional safety and fault tolerant systems
    • Excellent Python and C++ experience


    • Help revolutionize transportation as we know it
    • Work in a small team that operates at an incredibly fast pace
    • Lunch, dinner and snacks
    • Competitive salary, equity and benefits including medical, dental & vision
When you apply, address the application to Michael and let me know why you want to join our team.

A few company highlights:
Announcing the longest automated Freight Route in the World
Alex (CEO) talking at Disrupt
Our truck driving for 2 hours in traffic with no takeovers