Perception Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Our team is building self-driving trucks for highways. In the fall of 2017 we became the first automated truck team to start operating a freight route moving product from Texas to California across a 650 mile stretch of highway. We kicked off 2018 by being the first to to take an autonomous truck coast to coast on a 2400 mile journey.

This is an incredibly exciting time for autonomous driving and our team is looking to grow our Machine Learning group. You will play a large role in developing our object detection, prediction and planning systems.


    • Develop perception algorithms for object detection, tracking, classification
    • Build robust mapping and localization systems
    • Use the right tool for the job including machine learning and probabilistic methods
    • Perform sensor fusion on multiple sensor types
    • Create models to predict the actions of other vehicles in dynamic environments


    • BS, MS/PhD in Robotics/related field or Equivalent Practical experience
    • Excellent C/C++ programming and software design skills
    • Experience with vision sensors such as LIDAR, radar, cameras, etc.
    • We're a small company so you'll wear many hats. A strong background in math, physics and computer science is needed so you can learn on the fly.


    • Experience with ROS
    • Experience in OpenCV or PCL
    • Experience with TensorFlow or other machine learning frameworks
    • Experience building a SLAM system
When you apply, address the application to Michael and let me know why you want to join our team.

A few company highlights:
Announcing the longest automated Freight Route in the World
Alex (CEO) talking at Disrupt
Our truck driving for 2 hours in traffic with no takeovers