Perception Engineer

San Francisco, CA
We are a San Francisco based team building self-driving semi trucks. In June we raised a 30 million dollar series B led by Sequoia, crossed 100,000 autonomous miles driven and are moving freight daily between LA and Phoenix. Our engineering team is made up of experienced and highly talented people from companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Uber ATG and Apple.

Some Projects

    • Working on our object detection and tracking system
    • Working on segmentation algorithms using lidar and radar data
    • Perform sensor fusion on multiple sensor types
    • Create models to predict the actions of other vehicles in dynamic environments 

Your Experience Might Include:

    • Object detection with Lidar and Radar
    • Sensor fusion
    • Lidar processing
    • State estimation and tracking
    • 3d Graphics manipulation


    • Help revolutionize transportation as we know it! 🚚🤖
    • Lunch, dinner and snacks
    • Competitive salary, equity and benefits including medical, dental & vision life and 401K
    • Flexible vacation