Prediction Planning Engineer

San Francisco, CA
We are a San Francisco based team building self-driving semi trucks. We have raised 47.5 million dollars to date and move freight between LA and Phoenix. This is an incredibly exciting time for autonomous driving and our team is looking to grow our planning team.

Our planning team is looking for a software engineer to focus on building out our prediction system. Your code will be deployed to production trucks moving freight daily on the highway. Prediction bridges the gap between perception and planning to help predict the trajectories and behavior of the vehicles all around our truck. Having already worked in planning for a robotics system is a huge bonus. Your work will help enable the planning team to make safer and more accurate decisions. 

Responsibilities / Projects:

    • Building systems to estimate the future behavior and trajectories of vehicles around our trucks
    • Using a variety of classical AI methods
    • Designing and improving our existing algorithms for highway driving to handle a variety of situations and environments
    • Writing optimized C++ and Python 

Your Experience Might Include:

    • 2+ years of experience writing high quality production quality code in C++ / Python 
    • 2+ years working in robotics or related fields on path planning
    • Comfort with fundamentals of probability and statistics
    • Building models using a variety of machine and deep learning techniques