Software Engineer Internship (May 2020)

San Francisco, CA
We are a San Francisco based team building self-driving semi trucks. In June of 2018 we raised a 30 million dollar series B led by Sequoia, crossed 100,000 autonomous miles driven and are moving freight daily between LA and Phoenix. Our engineering team is made up of experienced and highly talented people from world class companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Uber ATG and Apple.

The successful student will gain experience working across our entire stack, both on and off the vehicle.

We have 4 engineering teams available working on:
 - Computer Vision 
 - Path Planning and Control
 - Software Infrastructure 
 - Hardware

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work on and ship whole projects and learn from experienced mentors.

Internships typically run for 4 months starting in May, September and January.

Experience Might Include:

    • Strong foundation in computer science and software engineering
    • Experience working with a robotic system
    • Knowledge of Linux and real-time operating systems
    • Python and C++ experience
    • Strong communication skills
Please let us know which team you are interested in working with.