Controls Engineer

San Francisco, CA
We are a San Francisco based team building self-driving semi trucks. We have raised 47.5 million dollars to date and move freight between LA and Phoenix. This is an incredibly exciting time for autonomous driving and our team is looking to grow our controls team.

The controls team is responsible for designing and developing control code for our fleet of trucks. Our trucks are large, heavy vehicles with changing weight depending on the freight we are moving. You will develop control code to improve the driving, safety and reliability of our system.

Responsibilities / Projects:

    • Design and develop complex, highly scalable, and latency-optimized software in C++
    • Invent, extend, design and develop control and estimation features
    • Take algorithms from conception to implementation and deployment
    • Analyze performance from simulation and real-world testing (on public roads and closed-course test tracks), root cause issues, identify areas for improvement
    • Work with existing code base to optimize reliability and performance

Your Experience Might Include:

    • 2+ years experience writing production level C++ / Python
    • Classical control theory, analysis and design techniques on production systems
    • Modeling, simulation, validation experience with production systems
    • Project experience working on state estimation, sensor fault detection and calibration