Senior Machine Learning Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Our Perception Team is looking for a senior machine learning engineer to build new and improve existing artificial neural network models, as well as guide the work of others and influence our development process. Our autonomous vehicle system uses machine learning for detection, classification, and tracking of all relevant traffic participants and traffic controls; segmentation into drivable surfaces, road markings, and other relevant zones; and predictions and decision making; using raw data from multiple sensors, including cameras, lidars, and radars. You will work with our large data sets to build, train, and deploy to our self-driving truck.

Responsibilities / Projects:

    • Design, implementation, training, evaluation, and deployment of new machine learning modules
    • Optimizing our existing systems to improve their accuracy and inference time

Your Experience Could Include:

    • 4+ years of experience in the field of machine learning or equivalent research
    • Experience using modern machine/deep learning frameworks
    • Experience working with TensorRT
    • Experience building and using your sourced data sets / data curation / preference 
    • Strong Python or C++ skills, CUDA programming experience is a plus
    • ROS, OpenCV, Tensorflow
    • Working on production systems