Laboratory Operator II

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Laboratory Operations /
The Laboratory Operations (Lab Ops) team is charged with executing the logistical aspects of our laboratory processes. All scientifically relevant aspects of each experiment are executed using robotics and automation, and it is the job of Lab Ops to setup and maintain the robotic instrumentation on which the entire lab runs. The experiments span many disciplines, including organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, molecular biology and cell biology. Laboratory Operators gain experience in this expansive diversity of experiments and with our cutting-edge hardware and software.
As a Laboratory Operator II, you will be responsible for high fidelity execution of detailed protocols. Operators are relied on for the immediacy and reliability with which experiments are run on the ECL, so attention to detail is crucial. The Lab Ops team relentlessly clears the queue of customer experiments and keeps the robots in the labs running at all times, with a focus on exactness and increasing efficiency. The entire ECL facility is run in a systematic way, and the team purview encompasses all protocols that enable this, from maintenance and control of instruments to inventory intake. The Lab Ops team interfaces with a variety of interdisciplinary teams at Emerald which rely on Operators to be the voice of high quality feedback as they seek to streamline the internal systems on which the ECL runs.

About You

We’re seeking relentless, detail-oriented individuals to drive the extremely fast turnaround of experiments conducted through the ECL, and uphold the quality of all laboratory processes

You might be a great fit for Lab Ops at ECL if …

    • You have experience working in a life sciences lab (1-3 years). If your favorite part of the scientific method is the hands-on work this could be a good fit for you.
    • You are willing to work shifts that support 24/7 operation of the facility. At Emerald the lab never sleeps, so we are looking for operators who are okay with non-standard work hours (weekend and holiday work included).
    • You are extremely thorough and detail-oriented.
    • You are comfortable learning to work with sophisticated robotic equipment you have not seen before. 
    • You have strong computer skills.You have exemplary written and verbal communication skills.
    • You tend to think in terms of efficiency and process optimization.
    • You are capable of lifting at least 40 pounds.
    • You are capable of being on your feet for long periods of time.
About ECL

The Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL) enables life scientists to move out of the lab, and to conduct research entirely from a computer. Stepping away from manual completion of experiments at the bench, scientists on the ECL leverage the remote, automated execution of all standard biology and chemistry experiments in Emerald’s industrial lab facilities, working within a software platform for all stages of research workflows, from experimental design to data analysis.


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