Data Engineering/Analyst Internship (Summer 2020)

Greater Boston Area
Energetic Insurance is developing novel risk management solutions to unlock exponential growth in renewable and distributed energy. We are backed by one of the largest insurance companies in the world and our flagship product enables financing of commercial solar projects. We are venture backed and have received grant funding from the US Department of Energy, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and support from multiple incubator programs.

Energetic Insurance utilizes a number of data sets for our analyses, covering a wide variety of topics related to demographics, electricity markets, solar resources, and others. We are seeking a data engineering/analyst intern for the Summer 2020 semester to help us expand our use of these data sets, and locate, document, and integrate additional ones.

Major Responsibilities Include

    • Familiarization with data sets employed today
    • Locating and researching additional sources of data useful to Energetic
    • Writing some code for data set integration
    • Testing/validating/verifying data are accurate
    • Understanding of edge cases inherent in data
    • Documentation of data sets, their usage, integration strategy, etc.

Attributes of an ideal candidate

    • Able to handle open-ended challenges
    • Strong moral compass with ability to balance critical near-term details with big-picture/long-term impacts
    • High EQ, ability to collaborate in a team
    • Clear and concise communicator
    • Attention to detail
    • Problem solver mentality
    • Intellectual curiosity


    • Prior experience working with data
    • Understanding of some data integration techniques and tools, such as web scraping, web API/http requests, SQL, shell scripting, etc.
    • Pursuing a BA/BS, masters (or equivalent) in math, lab or social science, computer science, engineering, other technical degree, or similar
    • Skills + Motivation > Credentials
This is a part-time, paid internship position. This internship is located in Boston, MA. Energetic Insurance is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages people from diverse backgrounds to apply.