Senior MLOps Platform Engineer

New York, NY /
Technology – Engineering /
/ Hybrid
About Entrupy

Entrupy is a global technology company whose mission is to protect businesses, borders and consumers from transacting in counterfeit goods. Entrupy has developed a patented technology system which utilizes a combination of AI and computer vision to instantly identify and authenticate high value physical goods.

Entrupy’s solutions serve business customers including leading luxury brands, retailers, e-commerce marketplaces and online resellers in over 60 countries. Entrupy is growing quickly with team members based in the US, India, Japan and Brazil. Entrupy’s solutions in market:
●  Entrupy Luxury Authentication
●  Entrupy Sneaker Authentication
●  Entrupy Fingerprinting

About the role
We, at Entrupy, are building the world's best authentication engine for high value goods. We've grown multifold in the last couple of years and work with some of the best retailers (online/offline) around the world. As a Senior Engineer, you will be work on our unified MLOps (machine learning operations) platform and associated project. This role will serve as a point of contact with various teams responsible for model delivery: annotation teams, infrastructure engineers, machine learning engineers and product.

Some project areas include:
- Infrastructure and libraries to define, deploy, run and monitor training and inference jobs
- Job graph visualization and analytics
- Providing interfaces and tooling for ML engineers to work with
- Hybrid cloud server provisioning and automation
- Internal dashboards and annotation tools
- Bringing research models and code to production
- Contribute to best practices and methodology guidelines for data science teams
- Platform advocacy, training and mentoring

Reports to Lead, ML Ops Platform
Location: New York, NY/Hybrid


    • Work with engineering leads to define and build new features and subsystems for our machine learning platform.
    • Build interfaces and tools for researchers, engineers and data teams.
    • Assist research and product teams in use of the platform.
    • Help bring research algorithms into production and scale them alongside their products.
    • Stay in regular communication with research and product teams to understand how the platform can best assist in other teams' objectives.
    • Manage annotation work from first and third-party annotation teams as required.
    • Share feature drafts with internal stakeholders for review and feedback.
    • Participate in code review and contribute to Entrupy's technical standards.
    • Develop and maintain automated testing and contribute to integration testing and rollouts.
    • Collaborate with infrastructure teams to provision services and establish deployment workflows.

Skills and Qualifications, Required

    • At least five years of software development experience.
    • Working knowledge of Python, and solid skills in at least one major backend language.
    • Experience with data pipelines, job schedulers or applied machine learning systems.
    • Generalist with experience in web apps, backend services, and databases.

Skills and Qualifications, Preferred

    • Prior history of deploying and maintaining machine learning models in production.
    • Experience with low-latency services and performance-sensitive code.
    • Experience with modern front-end SPA frameworks, such as Vue or React.
    • Experience with data visualization or analytics.
    • Experience with WebSockets or other event-driven systems.
    • Experience with cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) and service-oriented architecture. Experience with tools like AWSCloudFormation or Terraform is a plus.
    • Some familiarity with stats or machine learning, though this role is primarily for infrastructure, not algorithms.
    • Previously worked in a startup-like environment.
$165,000 - $182,000 a year
The starting salary for this role is between $165,000 - $182,000, depending on skills and experience. We have competitive pay bands for all other countries based on market standards. Individual compensation decisions are based on several factors, including experience level, skill set, and balancing internal equity relative to peers at the company. Based on these factors, we expect most of the candidates offered roles at our company to fall healthily throughout the range. We recognize that the person we hire may be less experienced (or more senior) than this job description, as posted. If so, the updated salary range will be communicated to you as a candidate.
Entrupy benefits:
- We want you to have enough time to unwind. PTO of 20 days a year that stacks. Additionally US company-wide holidays of 14 days/year.
- Health, dental, vision, all covered. A range of options across providers to choose from.
- We want you to invest in your future. 401K plan which employees can participate in
- We also offer commuter benefits (pre-tax contributions for public transport)