Sales Ops Coordinator

São Paulo, São Paulo
Escale – Sales Ops
This is not a regular job.
This is a job for someone who loves doing things differently and want to work with the brightest minds in the market. This is a job for someone who knows that keeping up with business/finance metrics can change the game. If you are just like this and are a great team player, this job is for you.

Required Skills

Be an analytics ninja
You are going to build the most important analysis for the executive team (contribution margin, headcount planning, root causes etc.). You must be a ninja when it comes to building dashboards from complex data, afterall, the most crucial business decisions are going to be made based on your work. So, you also must be a fast learner to go along with our executive team and get our mindset for the future of Escale.

Be a passionate team player
We believe that a great company doesn’t build itself. It requires awesome people with a diverse background to make it grow, make it better and make it meaningful. This is why you are going to build and lead a multidisciplinary squad (processes, technology, product and sales) to implement the projects that will shape our future. At Escale we love changes and we expect you to proactively propose and launch a broad set of new projects.

Be a productivity hacker
You love to make things faster and better and love to try new tools. Advanced Excel is a must have. Experience using SQL, business methodologies, forecasting techniques, project management tools and similar will make you stand out.Desirable SkillsPrevious experience in a fast growing company. Stand up for you beliefs and be a strong communicator.Hands on mindset. Be a strong decision maker.