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At E-SPACE, we believe space should be accessible to everyone, from the visionaries discovering our future in space today to the countless generations of innovators to come. We are on track to build the world’s largest, most sustainable space-based network. Led by industry pioneers and backed by world-class investors, we are assembling a team of best-in-class aerospace, software, and materials  engineers and scientists to make this vision a reality.  

As the leader of the Quality Assurance engineering group you will own the end-to-end technical testing and validation of the 5G RAN, core and device network elements performance.  As part of the 5G engineering leadership team you will also help set the company's technical direction as it relates to providing quality products and services that will ultimately be provided to our internal and external customers.  Additionally, there will be numerous product releases that will require continual testing and validation of the performance and analysis of the technical solution compared to the expected results desired by the E-Space operations and product teams.   This position will also require the Director of QA to recruit, mentor and supervise and develop talent in the QA group.    The position involves tight coordination and communication with your peers involved in the product development, devices, RAN, core, transport, ground station and space engineering technical design and development groups.    

The satellite system will be initially designed for global Real Time IoT, Connected Vehicles and Assured Communications. The Director of Quality Assurance and end to end testing will ensure that all aspects of the 5G RAN meet the satellite requirements and constraints while also meeting the IoT product and service requirements.  If in the testing process there are performance flaws, it is expected that the Director of QA is able to offer recommendations of possible fixes that will improve performance. 

The Director of Q&A Engineering is the “go to” person to answer detailed performance questions and to ensure that the technology meets the products requirements. This individual will have strong technical, market, business development and people skills while being a “fast expert” in the many new fields which the end to end product and technical testing and system performance functions will touch. 

This role is available in our Beverly, MA, Bethesda, MD, or Toulouse, France locations.


    • Developing the vision for developing and implementing the Quality Assurance and end-to-end testing portion of the Real Time IoT product offerings and future services in the product roadmap.  
    • These tests must be performed and documented in a lab environment prior to deployment in the satellite, ground systems and devices environments and also before commercial launch in a commercial environment. 
    • As part of this position's functions, the Director of QA will design and build an economical, world class lab that simulates real world environments. 
    • Recruiting and leading the QA team to support and implement the end-to-end IoT systems testing so all technical specifications are met.  This also includes a full understanding of the proper system performance tools and KPI data that can be used by the E-Space operations teams to trouble shoot customer issues. 
    • Work with the product development team to fully understand and document the expectations of the product team and end customers.   
    • It will be important for this position to communicate and translate technical KPIs and jargon into a language that non-technical product and marketing people can understand so that customer benefit go to market plans can be produced.
    • Investigate and develop automation and automated regression suite development tools.
    • Additionally, the position must fully understand the importance of regression and upgrade/downgrade testing and implement test cases that support this testing.
    • You will build a team comprised of: Test engineers and technicians, Data base and Data analysis scientists, Hardware engineers, Project managers and Device/End User engineers. 
    • Your team will model the performance characteristics of the end to end radio, core, transport, ground and device system components to ensure all system and product requirements are met. 
    • It will be important to produce timely high-level executive reports as well as to “drill down” detailed reports that represent all the test results. 
    • Identify the modifications necessary to implement IoT on the E-SPACE satellite systems so as to meet the desired performance and quality targets.
    • Additionally, it will be important to perform functional tests, performance tests and capacity tests under varying call model assumptions.
    • You will build and lead the team to test and quantify end to end system and product performance. 
    • You will provide validation of all product releases. 
    • You will work with the People Team to determine org charts, titles, performance reviews and bonus for your team. 


    • B.S. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science 
    • +5 years in system performance and/or quality assurance engineering and/or network operations for a mobile or satellite operator or infrastructure or devices manufacturer. 
    • +3 years' experience building and running a telecommunications lab for an operator or infrastructure manufacturer. 
    • Proficiency with data base management, RF and network lab tools, industry standard system performance testing tools and call tracing tools and methodologies. 
    • Experience working in a high-speed environment with short development times. 
    • Up to date on the latest wireless network operations and system performance tools and techniques. 
    • Excellent at developing test plans, understanding traffic call models, network capacity calculations and interpreting complex test results data sheets. 
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills.

While we offer amazing compensation with great stock options, annual pay, bonuses, free lunches, and health benefits, more importantly, you should join our team for the opportunity to grow personally, and have a high impact on the lives of millions of people. We love solving the hard problems, the rigor of deep engineering, bleeding-edge technology, and helping the world.