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  • Tell us a bit more about yourself and why you would like to join Estimote
  • Answer the emails below as if you received them from a client. Visit Estimote Developer Portal to learn more. EMAIL #1: “I’m trying to create an indoor location with your SDK but I can only see an iOS feature that makes it possible. I’m coding for Android, where can I find a native solution? Mike.” Background: we currently have the so-called Location Builder in the iOS SDK only. There’s none on Android and there’s no timeline for that. Find more details on Indoor Location on Developer Portal.
  • EMAIL #2: “Is the Cloud working properly? My requests are processing very slowly and we expect a lot of customers to be using our app today (it’s Black Friday!). Cheers, Monica.” Background: the Cloud is slower than usual due to the heavy incoming traffic, the team is working on the problem.
  • EMAIL #3: “I need to get the list of all my beacons but can’t use an app or your Cloud. Could you send me instructions on how to download such lists with all the details of my beacons? Thanks! Josh.”

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