Network Security Manager

Brooklyn, NY
Engineering – Security Engineering

Etsy is seeking a Network Security Engineering Manager to join our security team. You’ll protect Etsy from attacks by both managing and technically contributing to a team tasked with innovating in the space of devising and implementing threat detection and attack surface reduction.

This is a full-time position based in Brooklyn, NY.

About the Team

The technical staff at Etsy believes that code is craft, good software and systems designs are works of art, and that the work we do is part of larger creative culture represented by the hundreds of thousands of inspired makers who make Etsy such a wondrous marketplace. We believe that small, empowered, self-motivated teams can do big things. We also believe in the right tool for the job, not language-as-religion. Check out the security section our  engineering blog: and our previous talks for more on our technology and culture.

About the Job

This is a engineering management position requiring both people & project management skills in addition to the ability to technically contribute to network and infrastructure security at Etsy. Team projects will focus on instrumenting systems and networks to discover attackers based on signals from initial compromise, persistence mechanisms, lateral movement, and exfiltration. Candidates should have thorough familiarity with techniques used by real world attackers and should be able to innovate in detection and attack surface reduction efforts based on this knowledge. Experience in effective management of long term security projects and their engineering contributors, while acknowledging and prioritizing the shorter term management of security incidents, remediations and associated responders is key to the success in this role.


-Management of a small team of highly technical individuals working on a range of long term infrastructure security projects, as well as shorter term more responsive security projects and incident response.
-Provide technical and career leadership to the netsec engineering team and grow their contributions to the security space.
-Design and implement new approaches to compromise detection, from initial compromise through persistence and lateral movement.
-Understand offensive techniques/tactics and be able to prioritize implementations accordingly.
-Instrument and perform anomaly analysis of systems and networks. Collaborate with colleagues across teams to architect & ship projects securely.

About You

You should not only enjoy the technical challenges and nuances of the constantly changing space of real-world security, but you should also relish the challenge of leading and growing a team of talented infrastructure security engineers. A mindset that firmly believes that the best defense is a good offense, along with an active enjoyment of subverting security mechanisms in order to build a better mousetrap. You must be committed to designing, implementing and improving effective attack detection technologies to help protect network boundaries and keep systems secure.

You will be successful in this role if you:

-Enjoy the challenges that come from managing a team of highly technical engineers working on projects they are truly passionate about.
-Can balance the competing needs of longer term infrastructure security projects alongside the short term needs of security incident management and remediation.
-Reject the idea of security being a blocker, and actively enjoy collaborating with colleagues across the entire engineering organization.
-A strong desire to build things, not just break them.
-Have a solid understanding of networking protocols and operations engineering (specifically Linux and OS X).
-Have a deep knowledge and interest in modern web application architecture, TCP/IP, HTTP, and standard network and system security technologies.

What’s Next
Interested in joining the team? Send us a cover letter and your resume explaining why you’d be great for the job. We value individuality and variety, so make sure to tell us what you’re all about. If you have an online presence (blog, Twitter, Facebook), send it along. And if you write, draw, craft, or contribute to something you’re proud of, we’d love to hear about it. 

Etsy is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and will consider all qualified applicants regardless of color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital or family status, disability, gender identity or expression, veteran status, actual or presumed belonging to an ethnic group, or any other legally protected status. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know.