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About TeraWatt Infrastructure

As a company, we execute humbly and with urgency to provide solutions that delight customers and support the transition to clean, electrified transport. 

The once in a century technology transition from combustion engines to electricity for transport will require a multi-trillion dollar investment in energy and charging infrastructure over the next decade.  This transformation is rapidly accelerating, and TeraWatt will be a leader in building toward this step change in how goods and people move. 

To facilitate this transition for clients, we deliver end-to-end charging solutions, with the infrastructure to support it, at scale.  Whether for an urban municipal mobility hub, a fleet operator in a logistics center, or long haul electric trucking, we have the talent, know-how, and capital to create reliable, cost effective solutions for customers on the leading edge of zero carbon transport. 

Leveraging an expanding asset portfolio covering 18 states, we will provide the energy services, energy and charging infrastructure, site operations and optimization, and capital solutions to give customers the confidence to fully electrify their vehicles.  This transition will happen only once, and we will be a leading provider of the permanent infrastructure required for it.

Role Description

As electric vehicle charging stations grow in size and scale, a specialized infrastructure class has emerged. Charging stations are starting to be measured in MWs, and the amount of electricity that can be delivered to the site instead of the number of chargers. As the amount of electricity required for electric vehicle charging increases, the demands on the grid will increase, in some cases to a level where supply won’t meet demand. As a result, additional levers such as on-site generation and storage will be required to meet the charging needs of large fleets of electric vehicles. Developing this new electric vehicle charging infrastructure class which has elements of energy and transportation will require expertise in electricity grids, site operations, and the needs of various types of fleets. 

This realization prompts the need for significant infrastructure development, which requires expertise and investment.  And that’s where TeraWatt comes in with our suite of solutions.

As Principal Customer Solutions Architect you will help lead the development of charging solutions, working closely with the customer to understand their needs and by leveraging your deep understanding of how to develop the reliable, long term infrastructure required to transition fleets from internal combustion engines to electric motors. You will have strong customer empathy, and the ability to translate their needs into concrete, actionable solutions. You will have experience working with utilities to turn up infrastructure, along with a healthy dose of the ability to influence and conquer “first of their kind” projects and installations; first of their size, first in their industry sector, first to leverage a large microgrid, sometimes all in one project. Interest in working on groundbreaking projects is a must for this role. 

You will use your understanding and experience in developing energy systems, microgrids, utility rates, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and demands, and how these all interact to structure high level solutions that can meet the customer's needs, drive the lowest cost of operation, and shortest timelines for development. 

Your work will be the basis for how the company builds out this new class of infrastructure, constantly striving to improve upon key metrics of cost, speed, and flexibility, always focused on solving for the customers to make the move to electrified fleets more frictionless. 

Core Responsibilities

    • Work closely with internal stakeholders including Business Development, Product, and Finance to support product development to understand customer needs, both individually and as specific segments, interfacing with the customer as needed.
    • Create technical solutions specifying a site configuration and various components of infrastructure, including on-site generation, battery storage and charging hardware. 
    • Work independently to develop and execute a plan of action to meet project delivery goals.
    • Manage external consultants including engineering and construction resources required to develop actionable site solutions and execute on them.
    • Leverage experience working with utilities and utility relationships to interconnect and turn up sites in a timely, cost-effective, future-proofed manner.

Preferred Qualifications

    • Engineering or technical degree.
    • Minimum 5 years in energy project development (microgrids a plus) or EV charging infrastructure development.
    • Keen understanding of customer requirements for charging fleets of electric vehicles.
    • Experience working with utilities in interconnection of energy intense facilities.
    • Experience or exposure developing EV charging stations- design, requirements, construction.
    • Experience implementing demand site management projects, including integration of behind the meter storage and generation.
    • Customer facing experience- sales, business development or otherwise.
    • Experience managing a small team and consultants.