Strategy and Business Development Manager - Fleet and Logistics

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About TeraWatt Infrastructure

As a company, we execute humbly and with urgency to provide solutions that delight customers and support the transition to clean, electrified transport. 

The once in a century technology transition from combustion engines to electricity for transport will require a multi-trillion dollar investment in energy and charging infrastructure over the next decade.  This transformation is rapidly accelerating, and TeraWatt will be a leader in building toward this step change in how goods and people move. 

To facilitate this transition for clients, we deliver end-to-end charging solutions, with the infrastructure to support it, at scale.  Whether for an urban municipal mobility hub, a fleet operator in a logistics center, or long haul electric trucking, we have the talent, know-how, and capital to create reliable, cost effective solutions for customers on the leading edge of zero carbon transport. 

Leveraging an expanding asset portfolio covering 18 states, we will provide the energy services, energy and charging infrastructure, site operations and optimization, and capital solutions to give customers the confidence to fully electrify their vehicles.  This transition will happen only once, and we will be a leading provider of the permanent infrastructure required for it.

Role Description

Last-mile logistics fleets, and other similar business operations fleets, are electrifying as quickly as they can get their hands on vehicles.  From the largest fleets in the world to small local operators, the opportunity to lower the cost and emissions impact of operating a fleet is too big for any business to ignore.  In many cities, electric-only delivery zones are being mandated to reduce particulate emissions.  All transportation managers and businesses based on transportation now know that making the shift to electric vehicles will allow them to enjoy a competitive advantage of operating with a lower OpEx per mile.  That said, while the math is clear, making this shift is complex; warehouses were not built for the amount of electricity demanded when you plug in 100 vehicles at the same time.

This realization prompts the need for significant infrastructure development, which requires expertise and investment.  And that’s where TeraWatt comes in with our suite of solutions.

As a Strategy and Business Development Manager - Fleets and Logistics, you will be in market, adopting TeraWatt’s solutions and go-to-market strategies to be logistics and fleet friendly – both in the way that they are offered to customers, by developing a deep understanding of customer needs, the way that they are contracted for, and the way that business is done in the logistics and fleet segment by operators and the service providers that sell to them. You will be able to employ deep subject matter expertise in logistics, fleets, and last-mile delivery to develop a house view on the market, coalescing customer insights, industry trends, and internal Company capabilities to develop a go-to-market strategy for the segment.  

You will be responsible for developing analysis that will drive the segment strategy for the Company.  You will develop and deliver crisp and clear summaries of data, analysis, and recommendations, and the cost and benefits of following a suggested course of action. You will attend industry conferences to gain a full understanding of the best opportunities to provide solutions for customers. You will work collaboratively across the Company by building insights for teams to use to develop and define products and deliver results. 

You will use your network to identify target customers and strategic partnerships, and seed Business Development discussions. Your work will be the basis for how the company conducts business in the logistics and fleet market, and which problems we focus on solving for this customer segment to make the move to electrified fleets more frictionless.

Core Responsibilities

    • Conduct industry competitive, strategic and quantitative analysis to create clear inputs to inform long term company customer strategy and business development activities. 
    • Develop a go-to-market strategy for the Company’s Fleet and Logistics market segment.
    • Leverage industry relationships and contacts to identify target customers and high value partnerships. Seed and lead business development discussions with customers. 
    • Build creative new partnership models that you identify from your research and have the opportunity to pitch to partners.
    • Evaluate partnership pitches from partners that come inbound to TeraWatt within the Logistics domain.
    • Work closely with internal stakeholders including Product, Project Development, and Finance to support product development by providing customer insights.
    • Work independently in a nascent, emerging market to identify the highest value long term strategic focus for the company. 
    • Be a principal evangelist for the electrification of transport, and the Company’s role in making it happen.

Preferred Qualifications

    • 3 to 7 years experience with increasing levels of responsibility working in logistics, fleet management, or last-mile delivery.
    • A background in consulting, financial or market analysis, market research, corporate development, or corporate strategy with follow-on experience working in the industry.
    • Experience with business development; market sizing and mapping, customer target definition, selling through.