Software Engineer, Build and Release

Menlo park, CA
Contract or Full Time
Evolute is a growing team of the industry’s most talented technologists from cloud architects to surrounding leaders having led at VMware, Apple and IBM. From the ability to move the industry’s most complex applications natively to a container to production infrastructure capabilities being debuted at top Fortune 500 companies, Evolute is making it simpler for enterprises to have the technology infrastructure in order to scale natively from capabilities like Siri to Google Search.

We’re looking for a top-notch Software Delivery Engineer with the background and experience in cloud technologies and/or software development to enable our next generation of cutting-edge infrastructure.

Who You Are — Software Delivery Engineer
Your code stands the test of time. You enjoy working in a rapidly changing environment. You are a team player and believe in delivering results over textbook topologies.

Your Skills

    • Expert software packaging engineer or CI/CD specialist with ability to architect, package and distribute product and capabilities at scale 
    • Core knowledge of Linux (and/or Windows) with expertise including operating system, self-contained software package management and other cloud/edge software delivery capabilities
    • 3-5 years expert experience with major programming languages (e.g. C++, golang or other core system environments allowing for scaled delivery of software products) 
    • 2-3 years of experience with major container-based technology and/or architectures (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, LXC et al) with proven expertise in distributed, virtualization or other related software arenas
    • Have demonstrated the ability to develop high quality, fast-to-market solutions Have worked with or in a massively scalable environment (at least 1000 nodes) 
    • Have experience with developing highly scalable software (e.g. algorithms, cloud distribution and advanced data structures) which allow for the large scale distribution of software and services
    • Have the ability to communicate effectively with technology experts, industry and/or technology leaders and a distributed team
Your Goals
To develop the most robust, simple and performant cloud capabilities as we enable enterprises to reach Internet-scale.

Your Perks
We know that the culture at Evolute is something to brag about, but there are more reasons that make you excited to get out of bed and  come to work:

Evolution Planning
Equal to scaling the cloud is our passion for scaling people. We walk with you through methodologies to help you code better, pair you with industry-leading coaches to improve your ability to communicate, and design opportunities that will help bring you to your next level. 

Polyglot over Politic
We’re passionate about engineers, creatives, and experts moving the best ideas forward. To the people who’ve seen the successes and engaged with customer problems, we’ll ensure your vision is heard. 

Stock options
Invested in by leaders of the top US banks to our customers at Fortune 5 companies, our technology is leading the industry. As your code operates as a modern day Marilyn Monroe, it will continue to earn money even after you’re done developing it.

Life Balance
You work hard to create great code and as a result, you know when it’s the right time to take a break. Enjoy flexible hours and the ability to take a vacation when you need it!