Sales Engineer

San Francisco, California
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Exa's goal is to organize the world's knowledge, and make a huge business while doing so.

As a Sales Engineer at Exa, you'll bridge the gap between engineering and sales by working closely with both our customers and engineering. This requires someone who can program and also sell -- a savage combo!

Desired Experience/Qualities

    • Several years of programming experience (Ex. could build a server in node.js)
    • Have experience talking to customers, whether you were a consultant or a barista
    • Excited to wear many hats (sales, marketing, backend, frontend, etc)
    • Care about the problem of finding high quality knowledge and recognize how important this is for the world

Example Projects

    • Take a series B company from first outbound call to deal closed
    • Build cool coding tutorials demonstrating the Exa API
    • Take many sales calls each week
    • Analyze user interactions and identify ways to improve our sales pipeline
    • Fix bugs in the frontend or backend that customers point out