Vice President, Product Management

Foster City, CA /
Product & Research – Product Management /
Exempt Full Time
From the CISO to the analyst, Exabeam helps security teams outsmart the odds by adding intelligence to their existing security tools – including SIEMs, XDRs, cloud data lakes and hundreds of other business and security products. Out-of-the-box use case coverage delivers repeatable outcomes. Behavioral analytics allows security teams to detect compromised and malicious users that were previously difficult, or impossible, to find. And alert enhancement and automated timeline creation help overcome staff shortages by minimizing false positives and reducing the time it takes analysts to detect, triage, investigate and respond to incidents by 51 percent. For more information, visit

Exabeam is in the midst of a major transition from on-premise to cloud delivered for our product offerings and we are seeking experienced product management leaders to lead our key product pillars of cloud infrastructure, data applications, security applications, and customer experience. We are seeking thoughtful and experienced product leaders who are unafraid to dive deeply into complex technical problems but also know how to operate at a strategic level and can make the tough prioritization decisions in support of the business. The specific responsibilities of each product pillar will differ but the following core set of responsibilities exists for all of the roles. 


    • Develop, mentor, and grow a small team into a world-class, product execution unit 
    • Align your team’s focus with the overal goals and vision of the company 
    • Delve deep into the world of security analytics, data collection, and overall security management to become a thought leader in the space 
    • Oversee the product development process from inception to product delivery 
    • Partner with product and technical marketing to ensure the proper positioning and evangelization of Exabeam technologies 
    • Build outstanding relationships with sales and SE leadership to empower the field and collect valuable feedback from customers 

Skills to Succeed

    • Anticipating issues and resolving conflicts: As a leader, you should be able to look forward and understand where each team member might face challenges in the project. Whether an issue is anticipated or arises unexpectedly, you need to be able to work with their teams to diffuse tensions. Often, this work is done “offline,” rather than in front of other people, so that individuals can address their concerns clearly, without accusations. When resolving conflicts, a leader must also be able to maintain their composure and not be thrown off guard. 
    • Understanding your indirect team: In order to effectively lead people you do not directly manage, you have to understand each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, giving your team feedback on both their strengths and on areas in which they need to improve is crucial to encourage growth. While this may lead to difficult conversations, it will help both you and your team members succeed. 
    • Having perspective: As a leader, you need to know not only what must happen in the moment, but also anticipate what should happen in the future. This will allow you to formulate a clear plan of action for your project. Specifically, as a product leader, people will look to you as a clarifying voice. What you say matters. You need to listen, but ultimately have a point of view that is clearly articulated. 
    • Being able to negotiate: When issues arise, your role as a leader will entail convincing opposing parties to see the situation through each other’s eyes. It will be helpful to understand both positional negotiation, which is holding to and only arguing for a fixed position, and interest-based negotiation, in which parties collaborate to reach a mutually beneficial decision. These negotiation skills are necessary for effectively leading your team towards success and resolving any conflicts that may stand in the way. 
    • Communicating: Know your audience and vary your style based on it. For example, you should communicate with the board of directors differently than staff, and interact with the public in yet another way. By tailoring your communication to each audience, you will be able to increase your credibility and best showcase your technical knowledge. 

Your Experience

    • BS degree or equivalent practical experience, MS degree or MBA preferred 
    • 6+ years of experience in product management and/or similar engineering roles 
    • Experience partnering effectively with cross-functional teams and leaders up to the C-level 
    • Ability to work across multiple functions - including Communications, PR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, People, Legal and Operations 
    • Ability to effectively influence and communicate cross-functionally with all levels of management with exceptional verbal and written communication skills 
    • Effective Program Management skills, with demonstrated ability to lead complex strategic and operational initiatives 
    • Excellent judgment and critical thinking skills, and drive for results 
    • Deep subject matter expertise in at least one or two key areas of cybersecurity and broad industry knowledge to give you the foundation to learn quickly and be credible on a wide range of security topics 

Exabeam is privately funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Cisco Investments, Norwest Venture Partners, Acrew Capital, Icon Ventures, and investor Shlomo Kramer. For more information visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.