Expo Frontend Software Developer

Remote (US) /
Engineering /
Full Time
Expo lets developers write React and JavaScript to create apps that work natively across the web, Android, and iOS. We are looking for a Frontend Software Developer to contribute across our codebases to help our customers get the most out of Expo and EAS.


    • Contribute to a wide array of apps, like the Expo website, Expo docs, and Snack. This requires a good understanding of web technologies like the DOM, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript, browser APIs, HTTP and TCP/IP, and web server development with Node.js.
    • Create processes to enable and improve team throughput
    • Write unit tests and end-to-end tests
    • Create and maintain server APIs
    • Plan projects based on many inputs
    • Contribute to the overall design and UX of Expo services and open source projects
    • Fix bugs and assist developers with issues
    • Run workshops and give presentations at conferences such as App.js Conf and meetups like React Native London
    • Bonus points: Your frontend development experience is complemented by other skill sets, such as the ability to design UI, develop native modules, etc.

Qualities that make you a good fit

    • Have developer empathy
    • Can independently make decisions and come up with new, effective ideas on how to improve the process of creating and distributing application software.
    • Are able to quickly respond to your coworkers in order to make sure Expo can make quick, continuous progress.
    • Are good at getting unstuck and helping others get unstuck.
    • You’re great at helping users feel that they’re very capable after interacting with you.
    • Understand why well-designed tools and APIs are important and can build well-designed and well-tested features quickly.
    • Are good at effectively communicating your ideas and code through documentation, GitHub comments, blog posts, and other public writing.
    • Have worked on and published quality Expo, Android, iOS, or React Native apps to the stores.
    • Understand the problems and aspirations of Expo’s users, which are problems you think of on a daily basis.


    • Competitive compensation (salary, equity)
    • Healthcare benefits
    • Flexible schedule and location
    • $6,000 equipment budget for computers, phones, and any other equipment you need to be most productive
Why work at Expo
Every day, millions of people use apps made with Expo — from public health apps to food delivery apps to dating apps to digital currency wallets. Great organizations like Brex, Flexport, Insider, Blackline, Cameo, PrettyLittleThing, Pizza Hut, and the EPA trust Expo to help them build top-notch application software in record time. When we make improvements to the Expo libraries and tools, hundreds of thousands of developers benefit and build better software faster for millions of their users.
Everyone on the Expo team works on something important because we have a small team and we do a lot of things. We strive to create an environment where everyone is set up to do their best work. Each person on the team has a lot of flexibility and autonomy to work the way that works the best for them.

Where We Can Hire 🇺🇸🇨🇦
Most of the Expo team works during North American hours. In normal times, about half our team is remote and half our team works from our office in Palo Alto. Because of COVID-19, we're all working remotely right now and until further notice. We are hiring across the United States and Canada (both citizens and permanent residents). In a small number of cases, we may hire people in other countries who are able to work on a Pacific-time-zone schedule.

About Expo
Expo lets developers write React and JavaScript to create apps that work natively across the web, Android, and iOS. Expo helps people create and distribute outstanding application software. World-class organizations like Brex, Cameo, Flexport, the EPA, the Stanford Daily, PLT, Blackline, and thousands of others choose Expo to build their apps that are used by millions of people every day.