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Expo helps developers make any app and run it everywhere - whether that's on iPhone, Android or web. We're looking for someone to help grow our team: not only by bringing great people on the team, but also by using our recruiting to stretch the boundaries of our existing team's strengths, perspectives and approaches.


You'll be responsible for building and maintaining a recruiting process that broadly welcomes people who can and wish to contribute to the Expo vision. This might ultimately mean anything from open-source involvement to exploring a freelance or advisory commitment to a traditional interview-to-offer process. Day-to-day, this will involve

- responding to and reaching out to interested and interesting candidates
- organizing and managing a candidate pipeline
- managing recruiting tools and partnerships
- working closely with team members to not only assess but surface a candidate's strengths and potential
- helping candidates navigate their interview and exploration process
- facilitating feedback from interviewers individually and in group discussions

Qualities that make you a good fit

    • You're a clear, confident, and empathetic writer
    • You work and organize well across several streams of tasks and projects
    • You feel comfortable keeping your peers and stakeholders accountable to both small tasks and larger goals
    • You're aware of your own idiosyncratic and inherited biases, and have practice discussing and counterbalancing them
    • You delight in recognizing talent and potential in people who are unlike you or us