Staff Backend Developer (Python, Microservices, GenAI - 92890)

Toronto, Canada
Products – Engineering /
Fulltime /
Extreme Networks is seeking an experienced Senior Backend Developer with at least 7 years of experience in Python and microservices architecture, including synchronous and asynchronous web services. The successful candidate will join our high-performing agile team to develop backend systems that support GenAI applications, handling complex data flows and ensuring optimal system performance. 

Key Responsibilities:

    • Develop and optimize backend services and APIs for ExtremeCloud - Applications, focusing on scalability, efficiency, and real-time performance. 
    • Design and implement robust distributed systems using Python and FastAPI, ensuring high scalability and performance optimization. 
    • Collaborate closely with ML Scientists and ML Engineers to integrate machine learning models into scalable, production-ready systems. 
    • Manage and optimize workflows using DAGs, ensuring seamless integration and operation of asynchronous tasks and queue management. 
    • Ensure the development and execution of automated tests, maintaining high standards of quality and system reliability. 
    • Utilize Docker and Kubernetes for service management and deployment, facilitating continuous integration and delivery. 
    • Conduct performance benchmarking and architecture design reviews to continually enhance system capabilities. 
    • Implement and maintain security best practices across all backend operations. 
    • Mentor junior developers and promote a culture of technical excellence and continuous improvement. 
    • Document technical processes and communicate progress, challenges, and solutions effectively to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. 


    • 7+ years of experience in Python with an in-depth knowledge of advanced features and libraries. 
    • Expert knowledge of FastAPI and experience designing RESTful APIs. 
    • Experience with SQL, NoSQL databases. 
    • Extensive experience in designing and implementing sync/async microservices and distributed system architectures. 
    • Experience with distributed computing. 
    • Proven ability to handle big data, optimize workflows, and improve system performance. 
    • Familiarity with cloud-based infrastructures such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. 
    • Experience in developing and maintaining cloud-based distributed computing and processing technologies like Kafka, Redis and RabbitMQ. 
    • Proficient in Docker, Kubernetes, and modern CI/CD practices. 
    • Experience with load testing tools and techniques.