Applied Physicist

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Extropic is hiring an applied physicist to help accelerate our hardware efforts.  The ideal candidate would be someone with an extensive background in both experimental and theoretical physics. An engineering physics background could also be useful. To be successful in the role, the candidate should have a PhD and many papers published in good scientific journals in a relevant field (or equivalent experience). 

Required Experience

    • Experience applying statistical mechanics to real world problems (Langevin dynamics, fokker planck equations, stochastic chemical kinetics, master equations, etc.)
    • Experience in device characterization and calibration, metrology of sensitive systems
    • Strong background in scientific computing and numerical methods (Numerical solutions to ordinary, stochastic, and partial differential equations, large sparse matrix problems, distributed computing, scientific machine learning)
    • Analytical methods and perturbation theory
    • Solid state physics, modeling of semiconductors and superconductors
    • Experimental techniques (Cryogenics, Semiconductor characterization, Machining and prototyping)
$100,000 - $300,000 a year
Salary and equity compensation vary with experience
Extropic is an equal opportunity employer