Analog/Mixed Signal Engineer

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Extropic is hiring an Analog/Mixed-Signal Engineer to help accelerate our hardware development. The ideal candidate would be someone with a deep understanding of Analog/Mixed signal design and needs to have a solid understanding of CMOS device characteristics, noise, mismatch, linearity and design trade-offs.

Required Experience

    • Experience designing analog blocks (Comparator, op-amp, reference/bias generation, LDO regulators, filters, switch-cap, and data converters)
    • Experience in design and layout of high-speed analog circuits (Frequency dividers, oscillators, and PLLs)
    • In-depth knowledge of analog mixed-signal concepts (Noise, linearity, stability, low-power, and low-noise techniques)
    • Deep understanding of reliability issues and layout effects, such as electro-migration (EM), and strategies to mitigate them
    • Experience in lab-testing of mixed-signal circuits and experience using signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and oscilloscopes
    • Comprehensive simulation skills in Cadence (PEX, Monte-Carlo, and Corner analysis)
    • Experience in supporting project tape-out verification (DRC, ERC, and LVS)
    • Proficiency in pre-silicon validation and top-level mixed-signal design simulations
    • Experience in designing with modern CMOS technology

Preferred Experience

    • Strong programming skills (Python and C)
    • Experience with I/O design (ESD and latch-up)
$120,000 - $300,000 a year
Salary and equity compensation will vary with experience
Extropic is an equal opportunity employer