Virtual Assistant

SF or Remote
Exygy is looking for a part time virtual assistant. You will support our team across disciplines including executive, sales, marketing, and design research.
You will manage data systems, primarily in Google Spreadsheets. You must have significant experience maintaining organizational data / systems within Google Spreadsheets to be considered for this role. You will also conduct research projects, often creating new datasets and enriching existing data sets. You will work every day in modern business tools including Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Slack, Asana, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, and GMail. You should be adept at evaluating and quickly learning to use new SaaS tools. You must be fluent in English with excellent writing capabilities, and be a rapid typist in order to be efficient and accurate at transcription tasks. You may work from anywhere in the world, though we expect you to be available for collaboration - by Slack, video (Zoom) or voice - during the majority of California working hours (9AM - 5PM, Pacific Time).
We anticipate this role will start small and ramp up. We expect volatility in your hours in the first 3 months because you’ll be getting to know our systems, and we’ll be onboarding you to multiple new responsibilities, systems, and tools. We expect the work to be between 5 and 10h per week for these first 3 months. Subsequently, we expect the work to settle around 15h/wk for most of the remainder of 2019, and could increase to 25h/wk 2020 and beyond.

Primary Responsibilities

    • Be able to execute on specific research projects:
    • Develop lists of organizations and/or people given a set of search criteria
    • Review lists of organizations and people and categorize them based on a set of criteria
    • Finding contact information and email address for specific people.
    • Create, update and maintain Google Spreadsheets
    • Maintain a database of relevant and interesting events based on a specific search criteria.
    • Cleanup and standardize data. Execute on specific projects that require certain fields to be updated.
    • Assist on administrative tasks for our project work, including:
    • Copying content out of a static website and reorganizing and pasting into a content management system and/or spreadsheet
    • Note taking / transcription of user interviews
    • Transcribing recordings of meetings

Required Skills

    • Experienced with and adept at using GMail, Google Drive and Google Suite (especially Google Spreadsheets, and Google Docs), Excel, Asana, Slack, LinkedIn (ideally, Sales Navigator) and Zoom.
    • Adept at evaluating and quickly learning to use new SaaS tools
    • Fluent in English with excellent writing capabilities
    • Rapid typist
    • Available to collaborate during the majority of California working hours (9AM - 5PM, Pacific Time)

Nice to Have

    • Experience and adept at using Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and content management in WordPress, and/or Drupal.
    • Drafting blog posts based on transcriptions
    • Market Research projects
    • Outreach maintenance (will need to learn, but not a requirement to know going in)
    • Experience working with data in Salesforce. Be able to operate as the Salesforce Administrator for the organizations:
    • Keep track of open business opportunities, load them into salesforce, update the data on a weekly basis and follow up with team members as necessary.  
    • Be adept at loading, extracting, and update fields on massive quantities of data into salesforce through Spreadsheets.
    • Be able to run duplicate check on Salesforce.
    • Customize Salesforce fields, requirements and objects, and create reports and dashboards
    • Experience customizing Salesforce
About Exygy
Exygy is a digital innovation studio on a mission to build resilient and healthy communities. We transform impact focused organizations through digital craftsmanship and design thinking. Some of our clients include: the City and County of San Francisco, Boston Children’s Hospital, CARE, Stanford University,  the Judicial Council of California, and With a commitment to outstanding human-centered design and lean, standards-driven development, we work strategically and deliberately to create fantastic products that help our clients achieve their organizational goals.


We are actively seeking to create a diverse work environment because we believe that creates a stronger team.
Exygy values a diverse workplace and strongly encourages women, people of color, LGBTQIA individuals, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, foreign-born residents, older members of society, and others from minority groups and diverse backgrounds to apply. Exygy is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate against applicants because of race, color, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, medical condition, or any protected category prohibited by local, state, or federal laws. All employees and contractors of Exygy are responsible for maintaining a work atmosphere free from discrimination and harassment by treating others with dignity and respect.