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Fabric believes hardware determines the boundaries of humanity's collective creativity and imagination. We are building hardware for the next generation of cryptography because we believe in creating a more trustworthy world with secure, private computation at its core. Just as encryption and decryption enabled the Internet as we know it, this new paradigm of cryptographic algorithms, such as zero knowledge proofs, have even broader potential to revolutionize how trust, privacy, and identity work in our society.

About the job
Our team is seeking a visionary and accomplished Sr. Director of NPI and Manufacturing External Ops to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cryptographic computing. This role is central to the success of our groundbreaking technology and requires a deep understanding of hardware systems, systems integration, and strong leadership skills to engage and lead our suppliers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, including test, manufacturing, and packaging partners.

What you'll be doing

    • NPI Leadership: Lead and oversee the New Product Introduction (NPI) process from product concept to production launch, collaborating closely with engineering and product development teams.
    • Supplier Management: Work with Fabric APAC colleagues to oversee suppliers in the APAC region, including parts suppliers, contract manufacturers, chip packaging and testing providers , ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.
    • Manufacturing Strategy: Develop and implement APAC manufacturing strategies that align with our product guidelines, quality standards, and business objectives.
    • Quality Assurance: Set stringent quality control standards in manufacturing and testing processes to ensure the highest product quality and reliability and implement through local Fabric APAC colleagues.
    • Cost Management: Work with the in-house system team and the APAC contract manufacturer to optimize manufacturing costs without compromising product quality and reliability, achieving cost-effective production while adhering to budgetary constraints.
    • Capacity Planning: Oversee capacity planning to meet production demands, ensuring timely delivery of products to customers.
    • Process Improvement: Continuously evaluate and improve manufacturing and testing processes to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize defects.
    • Cross-functional Collaboration: Foster collaboration between NPI, engineering, product development, and other relevant teams to ensure smooth transition of products from design to production.
    • Supplier Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with APAC suppliers, ensuring they meet performance, quality, and delivery expectations.
    • Risk Management: Identify and mitigate risks in the NPI and manufacturing processes to ensure uninterrupted production.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about relevant industry standards and ensure that all manufacturing processes adhere to regulatory requirements.

Qualifications & experience required

    • Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Operations Management, or a related field; a Master's degree is a plus.
    • Proven track record of at least 15 years in senior leadership roles within NPI and manufacturing operations, preferably in the tech or semiconductor industry.
    • Extensive experience working with suppliers in the APAC region, with a strong background in supplier management.
    • Strong knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing, testing, and packaging processes.
    • Excellent leadership and team management skills.
    • Exceptional problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking.
    • Demonstrated ability to drive process improvements and cost-efficiency.
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to build effective cross-functional relationships.
    • Knowledge of quality management systems and industry regulations.
    • Willingness to travel as needed to manage supplier relationships and production facilities. (25% travel)