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About Us

We're making Real Estate programmable.

We envision a new era where buying a house, refinancing your mortgage or running a real estate business will be powered by technology instead of paperwork and rubber stamps.

To make all this possible, we turn real estate properties into digital assets (NFTs), unlocking a previously unseen flexibility, speed of operations and compatibility with the booming crypto, NFT and DeFi ecosystems.

We are radical innovators: we focus on long-term impact and settling for incremental improvements is against our nature.

We pick big bold bets early (we adopted NFTs when the standard wasn't yet defined!) and we work hard to deliver value to our customers. We love getting our hands dirty, tackling hard problems and solving complex regulatory issues.

As in the early days of any new technology, some days are hard and some challenges seem impossible. We embrace this. We have the grit and passion to get things done and power through.

Every day we choose to build something incredible, we chose to make real estate programmable.

The Opportunity

As a Frontend Engineer, you'll be on the front line building the best possible experience to our users.

You'll craft, together with our UX/UI designers, all the web components to delight our customers while they buy and sell real estate properties online. You'll ensure the look and feel of the UI are coherent across all the application and optimize the code so that it is stable, fast and each operation can be performed smoothly.

You'll teach your peers how to get the best out of today's web technologies and you'll teach designers new patterns enabled by the latest frameworks, so you can get the most out of the collaboration.

You'll learn how to mix traditional client/server architecture with distributed technologies and how to "code for trust", so that users feel safe in performing critical operations involving valuable assets.

You will improve our ability to iterate on the front-end, so we can test different approaches faster and pick the one that works best. You'll improve the quality of the front-end code, optimizing the software to deliver a sleek impeccable experience.

The Team

You’ll join a team where everyone - including you - is passionate and fully committed to change the Real Estate industry with our skills and know-how. Combined we’ve decades of experience in all kinds of technologies, product development, real estate, financial services.

We are a Startup: as one of the first members of the team you’ll face uncertainty, limited resources and problems that seem impossible to solve. But you’ll also get the extreme gratification and sense of achievement of epic adventures. You’ll be surrounded by people that will help you learn, risk and express your potential both in the good moments and when the challenges come.

The Tech Stack

We use a mix of decentralized solutions and more traditional technologies. Each property on our platform is represented as an ERC721 token on Ethereum. Properties’ legal documents and metadata are stored on IPFS. We adhere to standards so we can plug in with other Smartcontracts and enable interoperability with new protocols and applications. You can trade our properties on OpenSea, borrow against them on NFTfi, fractionalize them and own a plot of land in your crypto wallet. There's a ton of super cool experiments waiting for you!

Our infrastructure runs on AWS, we have both ec2 instances, lambda services depending on the needs. We use Javascript as our main language (Node.js server side + React on the client) and Solidity for our smartcontracts.

Within one month you will:

    • Learn what happens in the lifecycle of a property on Fabrica from a technical perspective
    • Learn the key processes that happen in a Real Estate transaction
    • Review and refactor part of the frontend code and update some steps in the "buy now" process to improve the experience for our users and familiarize with all the components.

Within three months you will:

    • Build and deploy your first big redesign of a key part of the product: the flow that allows user to add a new property
    • Improve the integration between the frontend and the backend by working with your backend peers
    • Get to improve and tweak many smaller components that need some love: maps, automated emails, portfolio page

Within six months you will:

    • Lay down solid foundations to support new features and ensure a smooth fast experience for our users
    • Have refactored all of the front end codebase
    • Have a clear understanding of what needs to be build over the next 12 months, and you'll be actively suggesting new things to implement
    • Enjoy your first company offsite!

Within twelve months you will:

    • Have provided valuable suggestions to the whole team to build a better product
    • Coordinate your work with new frontend developers that will join the team
    • Develop external components (e.g.: "buy now" button) that can be embedded in third parties websites
    • Release a set of public API / framework to let third parties build apps on the Fabrica platform

Skill Set

    • CS degree or equivalent experience
    • Exceptional knowledge Javascript / React
    • Exceptional knowledge of HTML / CSS and latest front end technologies, trends and frameworks
    • Solid foundations in design patterns
    • Proficient in Figma
    • Proficient in the use of version control / source code management tools
    • Familiarity with the Ethereum ecosystem: protocols, relevant projects and players