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About FamPay
With FamPay, teens can save, earn and pay using UPI, P2P, and card payments without the need to set up a bank account. They get a personalized UPI ID, a numberless prepaid card, and a payment link as well. FamPay aims at making banking smooth and fun for children. Users send money with FamPay just like they send pictures on Instagram.

Founded in 2019 by IIT Roorkee alumni and backed by some of the most respected investors around the world - Y-Combinator, Sequoia, Venture Highway, and the likes of Kunal Shah, Amrish Rao as angels. We are on a mission to drive 250 Million+ Indian teenagers on a smooth and fun-filled journey from cash to digital. We are raising a new, financially aware generation who understands the fundamentals of personal finance and is capable of making decisions in their best long-term interest.

About this Role
If you're ready to learn and your answer is "iCAN" to every problem that comes your way, FamPay is the place to be. We take our internship program very seriously and hope to get our future team members from among our interns.

You can take up as challenging a work as you are capable of. With a strong and experience backend team to learn from, you will get to learn a lot, while you help us advance our backend infrastructure.

On the Job

    • We take our internship program very seriously and hope to get our future team members from among our interns. You can take up as challenging a work as you are capable of. You will be the gatekeeper of FamPay's user's interaction. Your capabilities will define how our users will perceive our capabilities. We are looking for creators with obsessive need for visual and performance perfection, combined with high learning+implementation combo powers. The ones who iterate the script 100s of times, if required, to get that feature right.


    • You have the knowledge of developing trends and emerging standards in mobile apps (Swift 5.0, MVP, etc), mobile payments, wearables
    • You have excellent technical knowledge of Swift for iOS, TestFlight and XCode
    • You have understanding of software development patterns such as MVC, delegation and common data structures
    • Pro with iOS UI design principles, patterns, and best practices
    • You have good understanding of RESTful APIs and how to connect iOS applications to back-end services
    • Knowledge of the open-source iOS ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks
    • You care about quality and you know what it means to ship high-quality code
    • You contribute to the design, architecture, and development of apps that are elegant, efficient, secure, highly available, and maintainable
    • You are highly motivated and maintain a positive, “can-do” attitude in a fast moving environment
    • You follow and help cultivate consistent development best practices
    • Experience shipping one or more iOS apps, ideally currently available on the App Store.
    • Open source experience is a huge plus!
Why should you join us?
Every once a while, a product comes to life that makes people think, why this was not done earlier? The users love it, the investors dream about the great returns and the team feels the joy and pride every day. We have strong indicators for users and investors and we are building the team, that will have stories to tell all their life.
We believe that a great product is built by a high-quality team that find purpose and joy in their work and we put heavy emphasis on having fun at work.

1. Competitive Stipend
2. Certificate and Letter of Recommendation
3. Merchandise: T-Shirts and Goodies
4. Subscriptions to premium platforms
5. Friendly leaves policy
6. Chance to work full-time at FamPay


India’s first numberless card
Are numbers really required on the card when transacting offline? 🤔
With FamCard’s sleek, black, and numberless design, not only matches GenZ's aesthetic style and resonates with their vibe but also takes security to a whole new level.

For issuing cards, we have partnered with IDFC Bank and VISA. While users get a virtual card instantly on signing up, the physical cards can be ordered through the app.

Everything UPI without a bank account
100M+ adults are paying through UPI, but 250M+ teens are not because they don’t have a bank account.
They’ve smartphones, they’re using the internet, they’re tech-savvy, but still, they don’t have access to it because most of them don’t have bank accounts. Well, it changes now! With FamPay, for the first time in India, teens can now get their own personalized UPI ID, without having a bank account!

Can you believe this? Such a tech-savvy audience was not on UPI.

Customer Love
The app has 1M+ registered users and a lot of users who love FamPay with 4.6+ on PlayStore (50k+ reviews).

Come join us on this exciting rocketship journey of innovation and creating impact.