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PT Demographic Survey for Farfetch Group

We're a positive platform, bringing together an incredible creative community made by our people, our partners and our customers. As part of our conscious inclusion efforts, we aim to reflect the diversity of society in the markets we operate. We would like to invite you to complete an anonymous and completely optional survey to help us to build an accurate picture of the demographic make-up of our current talent applicants. The information submitted in this form is kept entirely separate from your application and has no bearing on the outcome of your application. It is confidential, and will not be accessible by any of our hiring managers or recruiters, will be kept anonymous and will be used for statistical and monitoring purposes only.

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    Our definition of disabilities or health needs includes a wide range of physical and mental conditions that have an impact on your health or life activities. Some examples include: having cancer, hearing loss, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis or having a visual impairment. It also includes neurodiversity, which describes people who think and learn differently, such as autism, dyslexia or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.