Customer Service Representative

San Francisco, CA
Customer Service
Full-time, Non-exempt
We're looking for people with positive attitudes, an eagerness to learn, and the ability to hustle in a fast-paced work environment!
We love what we do and we're looking for people who are as excited about our mission as we are. Prior floral experience isn't required. What we DO require is a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and the ability to hustle. Not to scare you, but we want to be completely transparent with our expectations – most jobs at Farmgirl are not strictly desk jobs. We all hustle hard – often on our feet – for a significant portion of each day. And we have a lot of fun while we do it. We all help out in other areas as needed, so the ability to flex is extremely important. But, did I mention that we have fun too? Because we do!

Unlike many companies, advanced education is not a requirement at Farmgirl. We believe that the best individuals come with varied backgrounds and experiences, and value work ethic, problem-solving skills, intellectual curiosity, and a positive attitude more than a specific degree.
Farmgirl Flowers is an equal opportunity employer and we greatly value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Customer Service Representative (San Francisco)
Non-Exempt, Full Time 
Compensation: $17/hr + full medical benefits and 401K after 1 year
Reports to: Customer Service Manager

About the role: Come work on our stellar customer service team at our super fast paced, high growth flower company! Customer service is one of the most important facets of our operation as we strive to exceed our customer's expectations each and every time. This position will be integral in ensuring we do just that. You'll be the face and voice of Farmgirl Flowers, so you will need to embody our values and persona with every interaction. Whether you are processing orders on the phone, in person, or online, you will work diligently to meet and exceed our customer's needs and ensure the highest customer satisfaction. You'll need to be extremely positive, and a true "customer first" person who is ready to do what is needed to make and keep our customers happy!
We're a bootstrapped startup that runs extremely lean. We're scrappy, and like it that way, so the ability to roll up your sleeves and jump in wherever needed is crucial.

As a Customer Service Rep, you'll be excited to:

    • Assist our customers! You'll need to be comfortable talking to our customers via telephone, chat, email, or in person. You'll need to be comfortable talking to customers about our products, taking their orders manually, making changes to orders, resolve billing, delivery, product and any other issues as they arise, and basically just take very good care of our customers. They're the reason we're here, and we want to treat them that way - each and every time.
    • Follow Through - You'll need to be great at follow through and be the type of person who does what they say for this to be a good fit.
    • Communicate - You'll need to communicate effectively both internally with the team and externally with customers. The ideal tone we're going for is warm, positive, and professional.
    • Resolve and De-Escalate - Sometimes customers are really upset. Think about the last time you called Comcast, and that's sometimes the tone and level of frustration that you'll need to be able to handle. And you'll need to keep your cool and resolve the situation with professionalism and grace.
    • Talk! You must enjoy talking on the phone as we will expect you to pick up every call, with the eagerness to take on and solve any problem that will occur on the other end. We know, everyone wants to text only now. Unfortunately that won't fly for this role. You need to channel your twelve year old self when you used to live for your late night talk sessions with your bestie because you will need to be talking on the phone just as much each and every day.
    • Problem Solve - You will work closely with our delivery partner to ensure that customer's orders arrive on time and when they are delayed, you will work hard to get them delivered as soon as possible. This will also pertain to local deliveries, as you aid our courier department in getting orders out to our customers in a timely manner. We treat our delivery partners as an extension of our team and we support them in every way we can, all with a positive attitude.
    • Roll and Go - At Farmgirl, we all pitch in in other departments as needed, especially around peak flower holidays. So you'll need to be okay (and hopefully excited to) pitch in wherever is needed in other departments. Sometimes that means wrapping and boxing bouquets, sometimes helping to unload a late truck -- really wherever the operation needs help, you'll hopefully be excited for the change of pace.
    • Maybe you're even bilingual (if so - kudos to you! That's amazing!)? If so, please list additional languages you speak!
Farmgirl is excited about you because...

You're highly self-motivated – You identify tasks and you do them! You don't need micromanagement to get the job done.
You're a "we" person – You’re a team player who knows that great teamwork is really what gets results.
You're cool under pressure – You can handle high-pressure moments with composure, excellent problem solving and can keep your team motivated and positive when the pressure is on.
You're an excellent problem solver – You actively think about any problem you encountered at work, and try to come up with a solution. You always have three ways to fix something and you can't rest until you find a solution.
You have a positive can-do attitude – You'll need to be motivated, and motivate those around you to be high performers, with a positive attitude. We believe negativity kills teamwork and it doesn't fly here.
You'll work to get the job done – Long hours are required during peak flower holidays, and will require mandatory overtime and blackout periods on PTo. Valentine's Day, Administrative Professionals Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all peak times for us. We'll work overnight shifts (sometimes 1am - 2pm) and hustle hard to get all the orders out and then we'll all celebrate our hard work when it's done!

You'll love working at Farmgirl because...
We are a successful, profitable, well capitalized, fast-growing company
We create products that bring joy to hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people's lives each day
We lead the industry for product quality and customer service
We get to build an amazing company and team built on respect and empowering and supporting one another
We're scrappy and get to see the fruits of our labor in real time each and every day
We believe in autonomy and reward taking initiative
As a 100% e-commerce business, we are technologically focused and data-driven
We get to be creative every day and build a great company, without red tape or bureaucracy
We have an amazing team and company culture that you'll love being a part of
We have an impressively smart and dedicated CEO and management team who are focused on developing all team members in the organization
Competitive salaries and comprehensive health benefits

Our Beliefs
Our goal is to be a company that we would want to buy from, sell to, and work for. For us, this means doing the right thing even when it is the difficult thing. We live these ideals by providing jobs that pay above the minimum wage with good benefits and 401Ks. We also do this by occasionally taking a stand on what some may consider controversial issues that we feel are important to us both as a business and as people. When we take these stands, we do so under the Farmgirl Flowers brand. As an employee, we understand these views may be associated with you simply by your employment with us. Please understand that when we make public any beliefs we do not expect nor mandate our employees (or potential employees) to ascribe to these beliefs as well. For the sake of transparency, we believe it is important you understand what Farmgirl Flowers stands for as you consider joining our team.

Physical Demands and Warehouse Environment
Farmgirl Flowers is located in a big, drafty warehouse in Potrero Hill. We function similarly to a manufacturing facility. The warehouse is raw, open space that can be cold and dirty (especially on busy days). Our workspace is pretty much the opposite of most SF startup environments you might be accustomed to. If a posh work space is a priority this might not be ideal for you. Appropriate attire will be expected for this environment.