Account Manager

Salinas, California /
Field Operations /
FarmWise is a combination of new, innovative technologies mixed with age-old agricultural practices.  We like to think outside the box when it comes to delivering our superior service to our customers.  We are currently looking for dedicated individuals to join our hard working and successful team, as we continue to grow our small company.  As an employee of FarmWise, you will be working for the leader in Agricultural Technology, and be shoulder to shoulder with the best professionals in the industry.


    • You will have the opportunity to manage top tier accounts and create revenue for one of the leading Ag tech companies in the Salinas Valley. On top of a highly competitive salary, you will have the opportunity to earn performance bonuses.

    • You will be directly responsible for booking and sourcing acres from our current customer base, deciding the fields that FarmWise chooses to work on with the end goal of providing maximum value creation to the grower. You will also be responsible for the daily management and execution of our machines and operators. This includes the logistics aspects of both machines and operator schedules. You will have the opportunity to provide sustainable solutions via technology being developed by top engineering talent in the Bay Area by helping growers solve everyday problems in a period of increased regulation and labor shortages. You will be on the forefront of RaaS sales in the Salinas Valley.


    • You are responsible for the scheduling and sales of all assigned grower accounts for FarmWise in the Salinas Valley.
    • You are responsible for the management and growth of existing accounts and also the acquisition of new accounts. 
    • In cooperation with supervisor and operators, you are responsible for quality and customer satisfaction on the field.
    • Management of machine operators and machine scheduling with the assistance of field supervisor.  
    • In cooperation with Operations, you will determine which acres are better suited to create value and a positive experience to our customer group.  
    • In cooperation with Operations, recommend machine specifications to meet customer and quality needs. These include, but are not limited to: track, fixed implements, blade type, task specific modifications and more. 
    • Understand the intricacies of soil type, moisture, plant size and other factors that have a direct effect on weeding quality and use this knowledge to make a decision on optimal entry time. 
    • Understand each customer's specific needs and tolerances pertaining to weeding quality expectations. 
    • In collaboration with QA, provide quality reports and feedback on fields post-weeding. 
    • Assist in optimizing scheduling for weekly allotted acreage in coordination with field supervisor and Commercial Ops Manager. 


    • Previous experience with an agricultural service based company. 
    • Previous experience in the seed industry, quality assurance or product development.
    • Previous experience as a farmer in the Salinas Valley.


    • Enjoy excellent benefits, health insurance, and a 401k match program.
    • Evolve in a very fast-paced environment with short development cycles.
    • Be able to shape a revolutionary product in its early days.
    • Competitive compensation package + performance bonus.