Staff Engineer

San Francisco (or global remote) /
Engineering /
Build the world's fastest Identity and Checkout products

Company Mission

Our mission is to make buying online faster, safer and easier for everyone. Fast Login and Fast Checkout enable a one-click sign-in and purchasing experience that makes it easier for people to buy and merchants to sell. The company’s products work on any browser, device or platform to deliver a consistent, stress-free purchasing experience. Fast is entirely consumer-focused and invests heavily in its users’ privacy and data security. Headquartered in San Francisco with Fast Flex for global employment, we are a privately held company funded by Stripe, Index Ventures, Susa Ventures and other renowned investors.


We are looking for a Staff Engineer that has implemented solutions at scale to join a fast moving team where you are empowered to make quick decisions.  Fast is transforming Checkout to be faster, easier and safer than ever before.

Team Values

*Make decisions and move on
*Do what adds value
*Design for one year out
*Zone Time throughout the company. Four hours every day when no meetings can be set
*No meetings without an agenda

What you will do

*The backend team is moving towards macro-services - coarse grained services
*You will be using a mix of Golang, Java and Python
*Build solutions that take into consideration issues of scale and improves design flexibility
*Show impact across other teams by proposing business opportunities, process changes, technical opportunities. You are empowered. Make your voice heard
*Think from the eye of the customer. Do what makes sense
*Drive system design conversations with partners in product and engineering to build solutions for our customers that matter
*Participate in team meetings covering all types of topics including release and build roadmaps and be an active voice in the discussion

What you will love

*Make choices that make sense
*Have impact
*Make fast decisions
*Make technology choices
*Have impact on the product roadmap
*No egos in the office.
*Ask any questions (co-founders and leadership included). You can even poke fun at the CEO. And most importantly: be fulfilled

Minimum Requirements

*CS degree or equivalent
*5+ years of experience as a software engineer working across the stack
*Familiarity with languages commonly utilized to create solutions at scale

Three Must have Skills

*Fluent in commonly utilized patterns to create solutions at scale
*As a leader in the team, align team continuously adopt best practices and technologies
*Show appreciation of balance between making technology choices and executing on product roadmap

Other Nice to Haves 

*Experience with distributed systems and/or microservices
*Familiarity with Kubernetes
*Experience working on 1M MAU user applications
*Experience with JavaScript 

*no recruiters please*

Benefits of life @ Fast

*Fast Flex allows all of our employees to choose where they want to work: our office (when open), their home
or any place else in the world.
*Help eliminate passwords and expand e-commerce worldwide
*Innovative engineering and product culture
*Early stage well-funded company
*Inclusion and diversity as a company priority 
*Founders-led company
*Competitive compensation packages 
*Comprehensive benefits (including 99% of healthcare cost and 401k matching)
*Additional benefits include home office reimbursements and snack deliveries