Fiber Optics Lead

Palo Alto, California or Remote /
Engineering/Research /
Full Time
Fathom Computing is developing high-performance machine learning computers built to run both training and inference workflows for large-scale neural networks.  As ML computing is largely limited by data transfer, Fathom’s approach combines the power of CMOS electronics with advantages of optical data movement for performance far beyond what electronics-only computers are capable of.

We’re seeking an experienced physicist/engineer to lead the development of a novel multi-channel optical fiber. You will collaborate closely with colleagues from your own and other disciplines (mechanical,  optics, and electronics) to contribute to design and implementation of optoelectronic hardware.  Fathom is based in Palo Alto California, though this role could be remote and may involve travel to external fabrication facilities.

Areas of contribution

    • Oversee all aspects of custom fiber optic development
    • Conceive, design, simulate, and contribute to the fabrication of complex fiber designs
    • Collaborate closely with internal mechanical engineering and optics teams for the development of automated preform assembly tools.
    • Work with external vendors to fabricate custom optical fibers
    • Characterize optical fiber performance relative to design goals and broader system requirements
    • Interpret empirical data and reconcile with analytical and/or numerical simulations


    • Ph.D. (or equivalent experience) in physics, optics, or EE
    • 5-10+ years experience in optical fibers
    • Deep knowledge of design, fabrication and testing of micro-structured/photonic crystal fibers, and/or multicore optical fibers
    • Hands on experience fabricating fibers including design, specification, procurement or synthesis of core rods, preform assembly with stacking, drawing, and characterization
    • Interest in transferring developed processes into a high volume manufacturing environment
    • Excellent communication skills


    • Think outside the box with cross disciplinary domain optimization
    • Experience in transition to manufacturing

You'll do well here if....

    • You enjoy thoughtful discussions fueled by problem-solving and logic
    • You're comfortable both leading and contributing individually
    • You're excited about the future of ML hardware
    • You enjoy teaching and learning from an interdisciplinary team

We highly encourage submission of a cover letter, just tell us why you're here :)