Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

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Your Company:
Feathr provides a modern digital marketing software solution for associations, nonprofits, credit unions, and event organizations. We unify our customer's marketing efforts with our platform including website analytics, targeted digital advertising, influencer marketing, and more. We help these organizations adopt modern digital marketing technologies and best practices to promote their programs, and drive more engagement to their efforts. 

Our people are what make the difference. We’re looking for a unique individual who will dive right in, develop deep empathy for our customers, and accelerate Feathr's growth!

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Compensation: $100k base salary + $20k company-wide director bonus plan
Relocation bonus
Equity: 21,000 options granted on start date
Health, dental, vision, 4-day work week, Summr and Wintr breaks, paid vacation + Unlimited sick time

Job Description
Feathr is in search of a dedicated and skilled Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion who will collaboratively shape the vision of the organization and create tools, strategies, and policies to facilitate internal growth and learning related to specific DEI goals. We have recently undergone an intensive period of evaluation and training related to DEI, and the ideal candidate for this role will guide the organization through the next steps of this work, integrate DEI objectives across the entirety of the organization, and mobilize our current momentum into long term change. For Feathr, DEI is not a side project, this work is structurally important to the business.

If you are currently in a DEI role where you lack the authority and institutional support to make necessary changes and move DEI efforts forward, or are singularly responsible for those efforts, this role may be right for you.

The Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be an integral part of a system of accountability towards DEI aims and will develop and implement anti-bias assessment tools, organize training and community learning, and assist in efforts to recruit, retain, and promote a diverse workforce. This position is ideal for someone who is comfortable with self-directed work as well as highly collaborative, consensus-building work. The role will ensure that the policies and procedures of the company serve to build norms, habits, and practices that promote equity and inclusion. Although there is a significant portion of this role that requires working independently, the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will work cross-departmentally to implement policies and procedures across the organization. 

We strongly encourage candidates who are People of Color, LGBTQ+, disabled, women, and religious minorities to apply. We recognize there is a wealth of wisdom, skill, lived experience, and individual expertise that we stand to benefit from by cultivating a diverse and equitable working environment. 


    • DEI Committee
    • Manage the DEI Committee (open to all Feathren) and the Working Group (5-7 employees who steer the direction of the  DEI Committee and facilitate Committee meetings)
    • Co-create committee goals with members of the Working Group
    • Hiring, Recruitment, and Retention
    • Build and implement anti-bias tools and assessments for use throughout the hiring and recruitment process
    • Work collaboratively with the Talent Acquisition Specialist and Director of People Operations to create fair and equitable recruitment, interview, retention, and promotion policies and procedures
    • Periodically review the hiring & recruitment process and candidate data, suggesting improvements to mitigate potential areas of bias
    • Support the transition to a fully hybrid work environment with a focus on equity and inclusion for remote employees
    • Policy & Procedure
    • Work cross-departmentally to incorporate DEI goals into each area of the business
    • Support the development of objective performance evaluation rubrics for each department
    • Research, develop, recommend, and execute creative strategies to foster the organization's goals regarding DEI
    • Strategic Planning
    • Supervise the implementation and delivery of an annual demographic & organizational climate survey and report
    • Work with the Senior Leadership team to advise on future goals and areas of focus related to DEI using a data and experience driven approach
    • Identify opportunities and areas of need for training and learning activities and lead internal training. When appropriate, coordinate with external partners to deliver training

Strengths & Experience

    • Don’t have formal DEI strategy experience? That's alright! Please don’t self-eliminate from this role if you otherwise believe you could be a great fit. We understand that many people have performed DEI strategy functions even if it’s not reflected in their job titles. We are prioritizing the skills and strengths outlined below over specific roles you’ve had in the past.
    • Accurate diagnosis of issues and areas of opportunity based on data, employee input, and experience 
    • Ability to recommend practical and structural solutions to complex problems
    • Ability to gain consensus and/or influence others across power dynamics throughout the organization
    • Display an understanding for the way that multiple systems of oppression intersect in the workplace -- An understanding of how your individual identity positions you in conversations about DEI
    • Demonstrate comfort leading and instructing others who are at different levels of understanding regarding DEI topics
    • Demonstrate an attitude of continuous learning and growth
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills, specifically related to communications on sensitive topics related to race, gender, class, sexuality, and disability
    • Creating and managing short-term, long-term, and interim goals
    • Ability to manage the execution of multiple ongoing projects
    • We are looking for experience and gumption
Cover Letter Requirements
Please be aware that in lieu of a traditional cover letter, we are requiring applicants to submit an additional document that answers the questions listed below. Please use any format that works best for you.

1. Please briefly describe your experience building and implementing DEI strategy at an organizational level.
2. Please briefly describe your experience with identifying training needs and creating and/or delivering learning content.
3. How does your positionality and understanding of the work of DEI shape how you approach your projects?

Base salary for this position is $100k depending on experience and credentials. In addition, you’ll receive health/dental/vision insurance, and other benefits like a professional development budget, office food, and social events, not to mention being a part of a supportive and motivated team.

After operating remotely throughout the pandemic for over a year, returning to the office briefly, then transitioning back to remote work, Feathr has made the exciting decision to officially move to a flexible work model. Currently, this opportunity is open to  candidates within the state of Florida (or willing to relocate to Florida), and requires a minimum quarterly visit to our Gainesville office. Feathr will offer relocation assistance as well as travel reimbursements dependent on location.

Interview Process
As a part of our commitment to creating a fair, equitable, and positive interview experience for all candidates, we offer full transparency of our interview stages to give applicants an idea of the time and effort involved. Additionally, each interview stage consists of standardized questions and rubrics with a scoring system to ensure a consistent and fair assessment practice of all candidates.

Application Screen - The Talent Acquisition Team reviews and follows up with all applicants. Candidates at this stage are assessed based on the requirements outlined in the job post.

Information Screen - The Talent Acquisition Team will invite candidates that move forward to a 30-minute virtual interview. This conversation will be focused on relevant work experience, compensation, role overview, and answering any questions the candidate has.

Work Assignment - Candidates will be given 3 days to complete a project that is relevant to the work they can expect in the role. The completion of the assignment should not take more than 1 hour. 

Work Assignment  Interview - Candidates will meet with Feathr’s DEI consultant to review the work assignment to learn more about their thought process and offer feedback on their project. This will also be an opportunity to share more about your approach to organizational DEI work.

Panel Interview - 1 hour interview with three key members of the team. This interview will dive deeper into the role, technical knowledge, and requirements of the position.

Final Onsite Interview - Candidates will be invited to visit the Feathr office as the final interview step. During this stage, candidates will have the opportunity to meet with the Director of People and Operations as well as the CEO/Co-Founder, tour the office, chat with some members of the Feathr Flock, and explore Gainesville.

Offer - The Talent Acquisition Team will reach out with the details of the offer to discuss with the candidate. At this time, we will collect and reach out to candidates’ references. This is also the opportunity for candidates to provide any additional information or context if there are concerns surrounding their background check. Feathr believes candidates that have made it to this point in the interview process are truly talented individuals, and so we are open to dialoguing background screens before turning away candidates that have consistently excelled through the interview process.

After all the details of the informal offer are finalized, the candidate will receive their formal offer.

If you require accommodations or assistance during the application or interview process due to a disability, please submit a request via this Candidate Reasonable Accommodation Request Form.

Benefits & Perks
We love our Flock and the work they do! But let’s be honest, life isn’t just about work. So we created a perks and benefits package that aims to help our team grow by including their wellness, families, passions, and personal time. 
- 4 day workweek
- Full vision and dental, 99% health insurance
- Flexible Work Schedule
- Unlimited sick time for when you need to take care of your physical or mental health
- 10 PTO days upon hire, additional PTO days available with tenure
- Extended Summr + Wintr Breaks
- Parental Leave
- Wellness Reimbursement Credit
- Home Office Stipend
- Professional Development Budget
- Team hangouts and events 

You can read more about Feathr's decision to move to a 4-day workweek here. 

Feathr defines culture as the secret sauce that makes our flock members want to come to work everyday and do their best work. Like every company, we have an acronym that conveys the most important aspects of the culture we strive to have. 
- Practicality: Am I incrementally improving something or delaying perfection?
- Ambition: Am I staying in my comfort zone as opposed to learning and communicating what is necessary to solve
 the real challenges?
- Clarity: Is my audience understanding what I’m communicating?
- Trust: Am I being sincere and trusting others to do the same?
- Service: Am I expecting more from myself than from others?  

This acronym is only as useful as the integrity of the people who reference it and believe in it. Every person at Feathr will face challenges, the most important quality is a commitment to work through those challenges with self-awareness and honesty. 

Feathr is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all employees. So, however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, if you think you’d drive value in this position, please apply.