Manufacturing Engineer, Tooling - Guangzhou

Panyu, Guangzhou
At Fictiv, we’re inspired every day by our customers and teammates.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with some of the most renowned companies on the planet who make physical products loved by millions. You’ll be working with some of the highest quality and most talented vendors who produce what seems impossible to produce. You’ll be surrounded by a wicked awesome team (think PhDs, Ironmans, artists) who are obsessed with winning the hearts and minds of product engineers and designers who are literally building the future (think autonomous cars)... today.

Impact in this Role

Your role as a Manufacturing Engineer will be to support and drive improvement to our critical manufacturing functions. We have two sets of customers—our builders, who order parts through us, and our manufacturing partners, who manufacture and assemble these parts—and you’ll be consistently working at the interface between the two.  At Fictiv, we believe in creating the world’s premier platform for hardware manufacturing, and you’ll be playing a critical role in making that happen.

In your role as the Manufacturing Engineer, you will be reviewing and analyzing the manufacturability and costs associated with part fabrication (including die casting, compression molding, LSR, and other manufacturing processes requiring tooling) and assembly. In this role, you’ll be using your Mechanical Engineering background, knowledge of manufacturing processes, and experience having brought mechanical components into high volume manufacturing to determine what design changes may need to be made to our builders’ design specifications in order to meet their needs and to very accurately price out the cost of fabricating a part. Ultimately, you’ll be working daily to use your technical expertise to provide pricing to builders and to assist in the automation of pricing to drive value for our builders and our manufacturing partners.

You will report to the Lead Manufacturing Engineer.

What you’ll be doing

    • Release Package Review – Analyze models, drawings, parts lists, and other data to determine scope of work, fabrication feasibility, cost to fabricate, and minimum lead time
    • Quoting – Combine your analysis with Fictiv’s software recommendations to generate quotes for builders
    • DFM Feedback – Provides DFMA feedback to builders, such as recommended design alterations for cost reduction in part fabrication
    • Enablement – Based on your knowledge of manufacturing processes, create and shareback presentations on technical manufacturing topics to our sales and manufacturing teams
    • Automation Feedback – Provide feedback to quoting software team to improve accuracy of automated quoting of our manufacturing services

Desired Traits

    • Meticulous, detail oriented, inclination for documentation
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Self-starter, manages time efficiently, able to complete work in a timely manner without active supervision
    • Enjoys sharing knowledge and teaching others about manufacturing and assembly processes
    • Ability to speak English

About Fictiv

Fictiv is transforming how teams design, develop and deliver the next generation of hardware products.

Fictiv is a manufacturing platform and the most efficient way to fabricate parts. Powered by a distributed network of highly vetted vendors, Fictiv provides the critical infrastructure teams need to streamline prototyping and accelerate development cycles. The online interface makes it easy for customers to get instant quotes, review manufacturing feedback, and manage orders—all through a single service.

We’re actively seeking potential teammates who can bring diverse perspectives and experience to our culture and company. We believe inclusion is the best way to create a strong, empathetic team. Our belief is that the best team is born from an environment that emphasizes respect, honesty, collaboration, and growth.

We encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups, including but not limited to women, members of the LGBTQ community, people of color, people with disabilities, and veterans.