Senior Field AI Scientist (India, Hybrid)

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Our Purpose
At Fiddler, we understand the implications of AI and the impact that it has on human lives. Our company was born with the mission of building trust into AI. With the rise of the internet, trust in AI has been degraded by a plethora of issues like spam, fraudulent transactions, hate speech, and online abuse. Fiddler enables organizations to get ahead of these issues by building trustworthy, transparent, and explainable AI solutions. 

Fiddler partners with AI-first organizations to help build a long-term framework for responsible AI practices, which, in turn, builds trust with their user base. Data Science, MLOps, and business teams use Fiddler AI to monitor, explain, analyze, and improve their AI solutions to identify performance gaps, mitigate bias, and drive better outcomes. Our platform enables engineering teams and business stakeholders alike to understand the “why” and how behind model outcomes.  

Our Founders
Fiddler AI is founded by Krishna Gade (engineering leadership at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Microsoft) and Amit Paka (two-time founder with acquisitions by Samsung and PayPal and product roles at Expedia and Microsoft). We are backed by Insight Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Lux Capital. 

Why Join Us
Our team is motivated to unlock the AI opaque box and help society harness the power of AI. Joining us means you get to make an impact by helping reduce algorithmic bias and ensure that models in production across many different industries are transparent and ethical.  We are an early-stage startup and have a rapidly growing team of intelligent and empathetic doers, thinkers, creators, builders, and everyone in between. The AI and ML industry has a rapid pace of innovation and the learning opportunities here are monumental. This is your chance to be a trailblazer.  

Fiddler is recognized as a pioneer in the field of AI Observability and has received numerous accolades, including:  2022 a16z Data50 list, 2021 CB Insights AI 100 most promising startups, 2020 WEF Technology Pioneer, 2020 Forbes AI 50 most promising startups of 2020, and a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Enterprise AI Governance and Ethical Response. By joining our brilliant (at least we think so) team, you will help pave the way in the AI Observability space.

What You'll Do:

    • Provide technical (data science and data integration) subject matter experience for customer sales discussions, customer demos and customer onboarding
    • Own customer data science initiatives, including integrating customer machine learning, deep learning and LLM  models with Fiddler's product to provide interpretability and insight into model performance
    • Enable customers to solve complex problems using Fiddler’s product - including problem framing, model building, model import, running explanations, etc. 
    • Advocate on behalf of the customer by identifying customer needs, pain points and collaborate with the Product management team on features and roadmap.
    • Keep pace with state-of-the-art approaches and innovate on behalf of the customer by publishing real life use cases leveraging current research
    • Write blogs that align current AI regulations with solutions to build trust and empower customers, users, and governance boards
    • Create enablement content to simplify the use of Fiddler to increase adoption

What We're Looking For:

    • BE/MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science (AI/ML/LLM specialization), Statistics, Mathematics, or equivalent 
    • 4+ years of real-world experience in a role such as Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, or as an Engineer working with ML models in production
    • Essential ML engineering skills, such as Kubernetes, public Cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP), data pipeline and orchestration tools
    • Knowledge of machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch or Scikit-learn
    • Understanding of ML/DS/LLM concepts, model evaluation strategies and lifecycle (feature generation, model training, model deployment, batch, and real time scoring via REST APIs), and engineering considerations
    • Strong coding skills, preferably in Python
    • Experience with large-scale industrial applications of deep learning in domains like Computer Vision, NLP and/or Speech-to-Text, a plus
    • Excellent organizational, communication, writing, and interpersonal skillsCuriosity, ownership, empathy towards customers, willingness to learn new things, and desire to inspire others are values we care deeply about at Fiddler