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About Us & Why We're Hiring

We're changing the way people connect to social care programs.

Findhelp launched over 10 years ago in Austin, TX and has helped over 7 million people find food, health, housing, and employment programs in seconds at

We're powered by tech, driven to do good, and looking for passionate people to join our team. Our mission is to connect all people in need and the programs that serve them (with dignity and ease).

If our mission strikes a chord, we'd love for you to keep reading.

The Team

We are a distributed team charged with maintaining and developing new features to serve our community of individuals and healthcare and social work professionals.

The Role
We are looking for developers to help grow our platform into the fabric that stitches together our fabric of social-services nationwide.

This is a remote role and open to anyone within the United States (all work must be done in the US), though a slight preference will be given to candidates in the Austin area.


    • 2+ years working as a professional software developer 
    • Professional, open source, contract work; we want to know that you have written and maintained code that has been used in production.
    • Comfortable working independently in a complex Python codebase 
    • If you don’t know Python that’s ok, but we’re going to ask you to scale up rapidly. We might ask you to pick up React, GCP, Kubernetes. You should have a solid technical base and a demonstrated track-record of being able to pick up - and become competent at - new technical skills.
    • Excellent technical writing and communication skills 
    • We are a distributed team which makes technical writing extra important. We work on improving our technical writing and how it can best communicate complex concepts and workflows. You should be able to join the discussion out of the gate.
    • Demonstrated history working on a team
    • You will never have to go off & work by yourself for a sprint. Talking about your preferences and experiences with pair programming, code reviews, mentoring, and relationship building within a technical team should come naturally.

Strongly Preferred Skills

    • Experience writing meaningful unit tests for a complex codebase
    • Strong Experience in Python
    • Strong experience in Javascript and ReactJs
    • Good understanding of SQL, ORMs, and non-relational databases
    • Understanding of functional programming techniques
    • Experience working on applications that take extra steps to protect PHI and PII
We value being together 
We believe being together enables stronger relationships, collaboration, and culture.
You can expect to be in-office if you’re applying in cities we currently have offices (Austin, TX and Denver, CO). 

We’re building a diverse, inclusive team
You’re welcome here. We want to help connect everyone to the help they need. So we want to build a company that represents your community.
But talk is cheap. We like action. Here are a few things that show we mean business.
      Employee Resource Groups
      Culture Committee
      Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee