Senior Cryptography Engineer

Palo Alto, CA or Remote /
Engineering /
Our mission at Discreet Labs is to provide privacy features through cryptography and decentralized blockchain technology.

Discreet Labs is the developer of the Findora blockchain. The original research team behind Findora invented Bulletproofs, a transparent zero-knowledge proof with very small proof size, which is used to support confidential transactions and private asset issuance. Discreet Labs is also working on additional zero-knowledge proofs, via TurboPlonk, to support anonymous payments, private asset tracing, and privacy-enhanced dApps.

Discreet Labs is backed by Polychain and Powerscale Capital, and is partnered with dozens of companies and organizations including Tencent, BSN, MetisDAO, Taxa, Bank of Asia, Travel USA Express, MoneyMoov, IOTPay, YouWorld, Citcon, and Bayes.

We have offices in Palo Alto, CA and Beijing, China, plus we have the platform tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment. This position can be fully remote. Many of our employees are remote.

Minimum Qualifications
- Significant experience implementing zk-SNARKs
- Proficiency in Rust 
- Good communication skills

Preferred Qualifications
- Experience with Rust in a production environment
- Experience with blockchain systems
- Experience with management and planning of key product milestones
- Research experience in zk-SNARKs, including but not limited to an advanced degree

- Work on very new cryptography problems in an emerging field
- Work with a group of senior cryptography researchers/engineers/advisors in a mentorship-oriented work model
- Work with a hardware team that explores new generations of zero-knowledge prover hardware
- Competitive compensation. For employees who want to work onsite in Palo Alto, CA, we can provide additional living cost adjustment and appropriate visa sponsorship

Our cryptography codebase, Zei, is open-sourced:

* Discreet Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer