Senior Systems Engineer

Menlo Park, CA or Remote /
Engineering /
Senior Systems Engineers work with a talented team of systems and research engineers and architects as Findora builds out its core infrastructure and specific applications. The core engineering team’s primary focus is to build out the Findora platform, a highly performant distributed system incorporating significant innovations in cryptography, storage/authenticated data structures, and consensus/state machine replication. Additionally, as the platform is implemented, a growing number of ecosystem applications will be developed atop the Findora infrastructure, requiring a full stack engineering effort. Engineers must collaborate effectively with the research team to bring theoretical breakthroughs into practice and collectively make architectural and engineering decisions alongside the researchers, architects, and peer engineers. 

On a systems level, the engineering team must be able to consider issues of scalability: identify and address bottlenecks, experiment with batch processing of transactions and parallelization. There will be an emphasis on reusing existing open source infrastructure. The team will focus on exposing APIs to external developers and hooking up the core platform technologies with front-end applications. Our goal is to build a team which executes quickly and effectively while keeping maintainability, large-scale systems design/architecture, and security as the top priority.


    • Building the underlying core Findora infrastructure, a state-of-the-art distributed system primarily implemented in Rust
    • Creating the interface and integration process for new and existing financial service products to move their operations onto the Findora platform
    • Integrating our cryptographic library (written in Rust), which enables new privacy/compliance tools, with a blockchain base layer for assets, accounts, transfers, smart contracts, etc.
    • Development of specialized financial apps such as lending platforms, exchanges, and investment funds on the underlying blockchain
    • Architecting the process of large-scale deployment of the entire stack
    • Assisting the VP Engineering in building and directing a backend engineering team for Findora
    • Communicating engineering best practices and building maintainable and clean code

Minimum Qualifications

    • Experience designing and implementing scalable and high performance platforms
    • Experience with Rust and/or C++ in a production environment
    • Deep understanding of security best practices
    • Experience with distributed systems and databases in a production environment
    • Great communication skills and energy


    • Experience with software development for enterprise consumers
    • Experience with cryptography and/or blockchain systems
    • Experience with management and planning of key product milestones (for leads/managers only)
    • Openness to travel and potentially international relocation


    • Work on new problems in an emerging field
    • Learn from systems engineering, cryptography, and finance domain experts in a mentorship-oriented work culture
    • Make a big impact as an early contributor