Middle React/React Native Developer

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/ Remote
We are seeking for a highly skilled Middle React or React Native Developer with strong production development experience to join our Finstek Trading Platform team

You will work with a SPA application for configuring the trading platform where modern functional React is applied. The application basically consists of pages with forms, all CRUD operations are performed over a WebSocket and all data models and API methods are typed.

You Will Need to Have:

    • Expert knowledge of React or React Native (3+ years): understanding the core concepts of React, such as components, JSX, state, and props; knowledge of React Hooks; proficiency in building mobile applications using React Native
    • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML
    • Knowledge of ES6+, TypeScript
    • Jest+Jasmine
    • Good understanding of MobX
    • Experience with RESTful APIs and asynchronous JavaScript (Promises, async/await)
    • Knowledge of responsive design principles 
    • Essential knowledge of Git 
    • Understanding build tools like Webpack and Babel
    • Strong ability to debug code efficiently and optimize the performance of React applications
    • Good communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a collaborative mindset are crucial in a development team
    • High level of written and spoken English (B1+)

We Would Like to See:

    • Familiarity with native modules and bridging
    • The ability and desire to learn new technologies
    • Setting tasks and organizing your own workflow independently
    • Responsibility to quickly solve problems
    • Ability to assess the volume and timing of work

These are Just Some of Our Benefits:

    • Professional trainings and conferences, with the partial/full compensation
    • Free English lessons (Skyeng)
    • Medical insurance (depending on location)
    • Corporate events
    • Possibility to work remotely
About Us 

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