GTM Enablement Manager

New York, Philadelphia, or Remote /
Operating Team /
Full Time
First Round is reinventing venture capital. We connect entrepreneurs with the knowledge, people and companies they need for maximum impact. Square, Uber, Roblox and Warby Parker are some of the companies we’ve been fortunate to partner with — and we’re just getting started.

When First Round invests in a startup, one of the first requests we get from founders is for prospective customer introductions. Founders need lots of “at bats” to hone their pitch, positioning, sales process and pricing, but it’s challenging when they’re early in the market and the product is relatively unknown. Selling is a numbers game, and founders often don’t have the bandwidth (or the skills) to do cold outreach and tee up all of the sales opportunities they need to learn quickly and hit their revenue targets.

That’s where you come in. 

As a GTM Enablement Manager, you will help generate qualified pipelines for First Round-backed companies. This includes:

    • Understanding the ICP/Buyer Personas of our portfolio companies
    • Drafting compelling messaging for outreach
    • Finding the right potential prospects (in and out of our networks) 
    • Performing outreach to tee up quality introductions for our founders
    • Doing ride-alongs on First Round-generated intro calls to ensure our introductions have the highest potential for conversion into paid customers
    • Working with our VP, GTM to create and run other experiments to help get our founders in front of their potential prospects for thought leadership, relationship building and pipeline generation.

You could be a great GTM Enablement Manager at First Round if:

    • You’ve walked the early stage walk. You’ve worked in a Sales Development, Business Development or Sales Enablement role at an early-stage startup, generating pipeline from scratch for a relatively unknown entity.
    • You’re a master communicator. You know how to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person, on the right channel to get a response. 
    • You’re super organized. You’re a task management junkie who’s always looking for ways to become even more productive and effective. We’re supporting outreach for 10+ companies at any given time and aspiring to do more.
    • You’re always raising the bar. If you’re making 10 intros for a founder a month, you’re thinking about how to make it 20. You’re creative, resourceful and comfortable trying new things (and sometimes failing) in the name of finding the next big unlock in hitting your goals.
    • Tech fascinates you. You don’t necessarily need deep knowledge of venture capital or tech, but you should be willing to learn it fast. If you’re enthralled by what the future holds and how entrepreneurs leverage technology to get us there, that’s a great start.
    • Just the word ‘autonomy’ makes you happy. While this role will report to the VP, GTM we’re really looking for a self-starter who can handle projects from start to finish on their own and contribute fresh ideas to strengthen not just our GTM efforts, but the whole team. 
At First Round, we value resourcefulness, diversity, excellence and hustle. To give you a sense of what our team is all about, check out the values that guide our work:

We serve entrepreneurs. We owe them our unvarnished opinion and unwavering support.
We honor quality. The little things matter. High standards and attention to the craft are valued here.
We favor action and think long-term. We decide and execute with urgency today. We define success with the long-term in mind.
We cherish diversity and inclusion. The strongest communities around the world are diverse and inclusive. We work hard to make sure ours is, too.
We do things our own way. We choose to be original and find unique, creative solutions to our biggest problems.
We have fun. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.