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Fremont, California
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About the Employer
Founded in 2001, FLEX has guided middle and high schoolers through their college prep journeys. From learners to impacters, FLEX is helping students unlock their potential and make positive changes in their communities.

Job Summary
FLEX College Prep is seeking dynamic individuals with strong communication skills to teach SAT math test prep to high school students.

FLEX Test Prep courses introduce concepts and strategies. Students immediately reinforce their learning with in-session problems, and also review homework and frequently missed questions. Instructors give in-session assessments and homework assignments and students take full-length diagnostic tests to accurately evaluate progress through the course. 

What we're looking for:

    • Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or similar required (U.S. Top 50 college or university strongly preferred)
    • Experience teaching SAT math and math subjects at the high school level
    • Strong communication skills to establish rapport with students and co-workers
    • Passion for education

What you’ll do:

    • Academic Instructors assist students individually and in small groups with academic coursework, standardized test prep, and enrichment courses. They develop and customize lesson plans and curriculum to provide students with targeted, individualized academic support. And they maintain comprehensive reports of sessions to track progress and adapt to students’ needs. Most importantly, they help students achieve their academic goals while making the experience as positive as possible.

Where you’ll do it:

    • FLEX Fremont (In-person)

What we’re excited to give you:

    • Competitive compensation: $25 - $45+ per hour, commensurate with experience
    • Opportunities for rapid growth and merit-based promotion
    • Paid Sick Leave
    • 401(k) retirement savings plan
    • Discounts for FLEX services
$25 - $45 an hour
Competitive compensation: $25 - $45+ per hour. Hourly compensation is commensurate with experience.

We at FLEX know that teaching and consulting are opportunities to build relationships.  Our team understands that each student has a unique background and a unique set of challenges and goals; we work closely with families to help every student overcome those challenges and achieve those goals.  In an increasingly crowded industry, FLEX leads through integrity.

FLEX has provided admissions consulting, standardized test prep, tutoring and enrichment services for pre-collegiate students since 2001.  Our team members offer a nuanced understanding of colleges and their admissions philosophies and give thorough, step-by-step guidance in all areas of the application process.  They provide personalized instruction to raise grades and scores and expand students’ knowledge beyond what’s covered in a typical textbook or classroom.

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