College Admissions Analyst

Admissions Consulting
FLEX is seeking individuals with extensive admissions knowledge and strong communication skills to provide admissions consulting reports to FLEX clients.  In this role, an analyst will generate detailed, comprehensive written reports that advise students on academic planning, provide information on relevant extracurricular opportunities and standardized testing targets, and generally provide a detailed strategy to maximize a student’s chance of getting into their target schools.  To accomplish this, an analyst must be very knowledgeable about U.S. college admissions, have strong writing skills, and be able to engage in research specific to each student’s needs. Analysts will not be meeting directly with students and do not need to be located in California.

Projects will be assigned on an as-needed basis; volume of assigned work can be adjusted based on an analyst’s availability.  Projects will have hard deadlines but can be completed remotely and during hours most convenient to each analyst.

What we are looking for:

    • Former US college admissions staff or closely related
    • Highly knowledgeable about college admissions in general
    • Strong writers
    • Efficient and detail-oriented researchers

Where you'll do it:

    • Remote (anywhere in U.S.)


    • By project - inquire for more details

We at FLEX know that teaching and consulting are opportunities to build relationships.  Our team understands that each student has a unique background and a unique set of challenges and goals; we work closely with families to help every student overcome those challenges and achieve those goals.  In an increasingly crowded industry, FLEX leads through integrity.

FLEX has provided admissions consulting, standardized test prep, tutoring and enrichment services for pre-collegiate students since 2001.  Our team members offer a nuanced understanding of colleges and their admissions philosophies and give thorough, step-by-step guidance in all areas of the application process.  They provide personalized instruction to raise grades and scores and expand students’ knowledge beyond what’s covered in a typical textbook or classroom.

Now is the best time to join FLEX.  We are in a high-growth phase and are planning continued domestic and international expansion in the next 12-18 months.  We’ve secured several competitive partnerships with Fortune 500 and non-profit companies, school districts and other educational organizations.  FLEX recently expanded domestically to Pasadena, CA and internationally to Bangkok, Thailand. All employees have ongoing opportunities for growth and advancement.

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