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FLEX is seeking individuals with extensive college admissions knowledge and strong communication skills to give presentations on various college admissions topics.  The speaker will present at events 1-2+ times per quarter sharing knowledge of academic planning, recommendations for extracurricular opportunities and standardized testing, and provide a general strategy to maximize a student’s chance of getting into their target schools.  We're looking for consultants with extensive knowledgeable about U.S. college admissions as with college admissions committee member or staff member experience who has voted for students. The candidate must have strong presentation skills and college admissions committee experiences. Consultants will not be meeting directly with students.

What we are looking for:

    • Former US college admissions committee staff member with experience voting for students
    • Highly knowledgeable about college admissions for private schools, UCs, etc., preferably for UC schools.
    • Strong presentation skills
    • Open to travel and available to present at 1-2+ events per quarter (in-person and online)
    • Efficient and detail-oriented researchers

Where you'll do it:

    • FLEX Cupertino, CA or SoCal area


    • Consultants will be compensated at a flat per event rate with travel/expense reimbursement.

We at FLEX know that teaching and consulting are opportunities to build relationships.  Our team understands that each student has a unique background and a unique set of challenges and goals; we work closely with families to help every student overcome those challenges and achieve those goals.  In an increasingly crowded industry, FLEX leads through integrity.

FLEX has provided admissions consulting, standardized test prep, tutoring and enrichment services for pre-collegiate students since 2001.  Our team members offer a nuanced understanding of colleges and their admissions philosophies and give thorough, step-by-step guidance in all areas of the application process.  They provide personalized instruction to raise grades and scores and expand students’ knowledge beyond what’s covered in a typical textbook or classroom.

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