Operations Manager

New York, NY
Operations – Operations

Flippable is building a national movement to flip states from red to blue. We empower voters, volunteers, and donors with information that both educates and motivates them to support Democrats at the state level. Our primary activities are:

Raising awareness: We produce original digital content that highlights the critical role of state governments in a balanced democracy. Our content is viewed over 10M times per month.

Running the numbers: We are building a model to identify which Democratic candidates donors should invest in -- where their dollars and time will have the greatest ROI. Our analysis shows where we are most likely to flip seats and, ultimately, the state chambers that have the greatest impact on redistricting and voting rights. 

Supporting candidates: We show our community the highest-impact ways to get involved through clear, tangible calls to action. Since November 2016, we have raised over $400,000 and deployed thousands of volunteers to support Democrats running in the most critical -- and flippable -- races.

who you are

As Flippable’s first Operations Manager, you will build the organizational systems and processes that will allow us to reach millions of users and achieve significant impact on state races. Your work will help translate our strategic vision into an achievable reality.

your responsibilities will include:

organizational systems and decision-making processes

    • Helping Flippable design internal systems and processes to execute its external vision effectively
    • Working with the CEO to develop weekly leadership meeting agendas and facilitating those meetings
    • Recommending and setting up a suite of internal tools to ensure strong internal communication and tracking
    • Developing monitoring and evaluation systems and dashboards to measure flippable’s impact and guide continuous improvement

human resources

    • Executing our talent strategy to help us recruit, hire, engage, and retain an incredible, diverse team of progressives
    • Building a diverse set of networks from which to recruit candidates
    • Refining our recruiting, interviewing, and hiring protocols
    • Building a professional development, feedback, and performance review system that can scale with our organization
    • Organizing retreats and events to build a cohesive, inclusive, and fun team culture


    • Determining Flippable’s financial needs and ensuring we are financially on track month-to-month
    • Using Excel to develop budget estimates and Xero to track revenues and expenses against our plan
    • Building financial models to project Flippable’s budgetary needs under a variety of scenarios

communications and fundraising support

    • Drafting communications for press and potential donors
    • Developing consistent guidelines for external communications
    • Drafting press releases
    • Drafting monthly donor communications

basic requirements

    • BA/BS or equivalent experience
    • 3-5 years of work experience in finance, HR, or operations
    • Demonstrated track record building systems and organizational processes for start-up organizations
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills

preferred qualifications

    • Master’s degree in business administration, law, or public policy
    • Experience in management consulting or internal strategy
    • Experience working with SQL databases
    • Experience working for a political campaign
    • Experience designing and executing hiring processes to bring on diverse, cross-functional staff

hiring principles

    • We are looking for alignment, not fit. We value team members who can both exemplify and help us refine and push forward our core values and culture -- not just fit into an existing culture.
    • We are proactively seeking a nationally representative team. You can see our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Principles here. We are using recommendations from Project Include, among other organizations, to design an inclusive hiring process that minimizes opportunities for bias. This means that our process may take a bit longer, and include less conventional elements (e.g., anonymized assignments), than other hiring processes. We appreciate your patience.
    • We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

You are excited to join a small but mighty team of doers who take on the duties of their roles with gusto -- and who also envision their long-term growth within our organization. You are both focused and flexible. You can identify the most effective way to drive toward a goal, but you also understand that goalposts may shift as we learn.

You are accountable and solution-oriented. When you see a problem, you work with others to drive toward a solution.

You share our commitment to building a fair, inclusive government and our conviction that this requires electing progressives to state office. You believe strongly in our core values and have shown them in a variety of work or academic contexts. You can speak to your personal motivations for joining this movement and our team.