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Title: Florence At Home Advisor

Location: Anywhere in the U.S. (Work From Home)

Company Background
Florence Health is a next-generation Primary Care Provider growing rapidly in towns and cities around the country. Named after the legendary nurse Florence Nightingale, Florence was founded in 2019 with a simple mission: to serve the patient, above all else. Florence is currently available to Medicare patients exclusively and operates fully at risk for all of our patients' outcomes and spending, enabling our clinics to invest in the delivery of added benefits, services, and staffing that are not possible in a fee-for-service environment.

Florence's relentless focus on patient satisfaction and care results, through our platform of medical professionals, staff, technology, and premium modern clinic spaces designed from the ground up, has earned us a reputation with our patients of going above and beyond on every facet of service delivery - from the front desk to the exam and follow-up experience, and everything in between. Florence will enter 2022 at full risk for more than 25,000 Medicare patients across multiple states and annual revenues of over $350 million and continues to grow at over 100% year-on-year.

For more information, visit www.florencehealth.com

The At Home Advisor Role at Florence
As a Florence At Home Advisor, you’ll be on the elite team that supports our primary care patients whenever they call in with needs and situations - ranging from routine (such as scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, requesting medication refills and other services) to emergent (pressing immediate concerns or symptoms that need to be escalated to a fast-track appointment or other resolution with our primary care providers). You'll also work hand-in-glove with in-clinic and other offsite staff throughout each day, through Florence's medical records system and internal company-wide direct messaging tools, as you support each patient with their needs.

As such, you'll be on the frontlines of Florence's patient experience, with more exposure to and impact on our patients' daily needs and requests than any other team in the company. Since At Home Advisors have such a great potential for impact -- working with so many patients daily on a range of inbound situations, both routine and complex -- Florence offers the highest starting compensation rates in the industry to attract top talent for this critical team. Great responsibility comes with great opportunities.

Key Criteria for the Role:
- A bright and adaptive mind, with a natural curiosity and knack for learning and navigating situations. We’ll rely on you to listen to our patients and use your technical knowledge, creativity, and passion to navigate situations on their behalf and meet their needs.

- High EQ (Emotional Quotient) - Since you'll be working with so many patients on a range of needs each day (and since healthcare situations can be intense/stressful for patients), it's critical that our At Home Advisors have a great capacity for empathy and "putting yourself in the patient's shoes" as you help resolve their needs swiftly and smartly to the best outcome.

- Extroversion - You love talking to people! Since this role entails so many patient interactions each day, folks who naturally like talking with people generally are the best fit for the role.

- Affinity for phone calls - Since Florence serves a primarily 65-and-older population (which is the age of Medicare eligibility), the vast majority of patient interactions outside the clinic are still done through phone calls (rather than chat or texting apps via mobile or web).

- Work Ethic - Strong work character that your patients and your teammates can rely on.

- Team Spirit and a "Team-first" Mindset - Success at Florence is a team sport, not an individual one.

- Tech Savvy - Nimbleness at picking up and navigating multiple technology tools and applications.

- Preferred but not required: health care experience/interest.

- Availability of a quiet home office space, preferably with a door to keep out ambient noise along with high-speed internet

- Fluent in Spanish

Benefits & Perks: 
Florence Health employees are united in our quest to improve the health and well-being of our patients, and we empower each of our team members to fulfill this mission and reach their full potential regardless of function, geography, or experience level.

To this end, we invest in attracting and retaining the best talent, including:

- Leading compensation packages at all levels throughout the Company

- Covered medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance plan options

- Sponsored 401(k) plan, with up to 5% matching contribution

- Paid Time Off and Paid Sick Leave, along with additional case-based categories of leave (e.g. parental leave)

- Monthly company-wide “virtual happy hour” encompassing all clinics, corporate offices, and work-from-home team members

- A "One Team" culture of deep respect and admiration across all teams and functions, regardless of role, location or background.
$23 - $23 an hour
Florence is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We are all humans!