Senior Frontend Engineer

At Flowmill, we’re pioneering a new generation of observability tools for distributed applications and cloud-based environments. Our unique technology, developed over several years of research at MIT, helps DevOps engineers and SREs see the complete picture and accelerate fault resolution by monitoring communication between services. Our monitoring technology has negligible overhead, no sampling, no per-service configuration or code changes, and can be deployed in minutes. 

This is a chance to join a small, elite team with backgrounds at Facebook, Google, and VMware as we change the way engineers troubleshoot their production applications.

What You'll Do

    • Create features that help DevOps engineers, SREs, and application owners make sense of their distributed applications. This could include building interfaces for querying and visualizing network flow data, creating workflows for our users to share insights from that data, and connecting our UI to other observability tools.
    • Write code primarily in our frontend UI (TypeScript + React), and potentially contribute to our backend microservices (golang). Although you'll be frontend-focused, you'll likely help design and build the services that support our frontend.
    • Contribute to a solid software design and engineering culture. You will own features end-to-end, which can include defining requirements, building & evaluating prototypes, and writing production code that is well-tested and easily maintainable.


    • 3+ years of frontend development experience and expert knowledge of a modern frontend framework. We prefer that you have experience with what we use: React, TypeScript, and Redux. But, if you're a solid engineer who has experience with other frameworks, we'd like to hear from you.
    • Demonstrated ability to write robust and maintainable components. You should be comfortable designing and building well-tested components that provide new insights or capabilities.
    • Previous experiences working on data-intensive applications. Since our platform monitors all traffic within our customer's environments at per-second resolution, we hope that you know how to create scalable data-focused web applications and/or have experience with data visualization.
    • Excellent technical communication skills. Since we're a distributed team, we are looking for an engineer who can effectively share complex technical ideas through design docs, Slack, video conferencing, and code reviews.
    • Familiarity working on all layers of modern web applications. Although you'll be working primarily on our frontend, we hope that you will help define and design other aspects of our product, including backend services and data processing pipelines.
Our distributed team is small, but well funded and aggressively growing.  We're designing ways to visualize and summarize a complex dataset, and this is a great opportunity to have major impact on the next generation of monitoring and observability tools.