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Fluence (Nasdaq: FLNC) is a global market leader in energy storage products and services and digital applications for renewables and storage. With a presence in 30 global markets, Fluence provides an ecosystem of offerings to drive the clean energy transition, including modular, scalable storage products, comprehensive service offerings, and the Fluence IQ platform, which delivers AI-enabled digital applications for managing and optimizing storage and renewables. The company is transforming the way we power our world by helping customers create more resilient and sustainable electric grids. For more information, please visit

We are guided by our passion to transform the way we power our world. Achieving our goals requires creativity, diversity of ideas and backgrounds, and building trust to effect change and move with speed.

We are Leading
Fluence currently has thousands of MW of energy storage projects operated or awarded worldwide in addition to the thousands of MW of projects managed by our trading platform—and we are growing every day.

We are Responsible
Fluence is defined by its unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and integrity.

We are Agile
We achieve our goals and meet our customer’s needs by cultivating curiosity, adaptability, and self-reflection in our teams.

We are Fun
We value the diversity in thought and experience of our coworkers and customers. Through honest, forthcoming, and respectful communications we work to ensure that Fluence is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. 

The Claims Manager EMEA will have an in-depth role in the day-to-day management claims for Fluence projects in several jurisdictions within the EMEA region with a focus on markets in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 
We’ll tell you more about the role and Fluence below, but first let’s talk about you.


•are responsible, agile, leading and fun. (Hint: these are Fluence’s core values, and we mean it. Seriously!).
•have a minimum of 5 years experience working on claims managements in the construction industry. If you had worked in the Construction Energy industry we would be impressed. If you had worked successfully on battery projects, we might think you are very fancy, indeed.
•you do not think that enforcing contracts, drafting claim letters, providing risk mitigation strategies across Europe in the field of industrial equipment, construction, utility projects or another field related to renewable energy or energy storage is boring – in fact you like these things.
•happily endure (or even like) working with lawyers. Commercial and technical colleagues are your day-to-day sparring partners. 
•are not an ivory tower person but have excellent judgment, both in business and interpersonal matters, except you like lawyers.  You can win the day for Fluence, and the other side thinks you’re awesome.  People sometimes tell you “Wow, I didn’t know claim managers could be cool.”
•Enjoy interacting and blending in well in a highly diverse environment. The box is no limiting factor for you – you like looking out of it. You challenge and are ready to be challenged (by) your peers in a project delivery team or within the wider Fluence in the interest of the best possible position for Fluence.
•Think positively – the glass is never half empty and you thrive to come up with solutions – always!
•Are committed to our mission – and have a “get-the-job-done” attitude.
•Have impeccable ethics and a commitment to compliance and safety. (We don’t make jokes about compliance or safety.)
•Exude strong interpersonal skills, flexibility and a highly self-motivated work style. In a room full of industrial-grade rock stars, you’ll blend in like a chameleon.


This role will support the EMEA Delivery Teams in managing and mastering their claims with a focus on our projects in the UK and Ireland. This is no role in isolation - you are expected to be a part of the team and add value in close interactions with your peers. We strongly believe in ONE TEAM!

Well, claims are a serious business – so let’ look at what that might mean for you in detail:

•Provide analysis and evaluation of claims, collect and evaluate relevant facts and records. Provide strategies for claim resolution, defenses and counter-claims and provide substantiation support;
•Support the commercial and legal strategy of negotiation with our customers in the event of changes, delays, adjustments or unforeseen circumstances that may arise in during the delivery period;
•Prepare reports and recommendations related to claims and disputes including the evaluation of quantum impact;
•Manage delay analysis process for all planning/time elements of claims, advise appropriate methods of delay and program analysis. Dissect construction programmes for the purposes of assessing entitlements;
•Work closely with Project Delivery Legal Counsel to manage disputes, ensuring that robust contractual, factual and commercial input is considered. Ensure that Fluence’s exposure is correctly diagnosed, accurately reported and effectively mitigated.
•Design and implement claims management processes. Identifying and rectifying patterns of challenges across EMEA and global delivery. Educate and train other colleagues on how they can support effective claim management.
•Work collaboratively with key internal stakeholders and colleagues in relation to reporting and management of claims. 
•Participate in other initiatives of the global Fluence legal team and Project Delivery team.

Fluence’s core values are: Leading, Agile, Responsible, and Fun.  What on earth does that mean for you?

You provide solution orientated support to claims, leading the various Fluence functions to work collaboratively to deliver excellence to our customers, be a fair and trusted partner of our subcontractors, and to best protect Fluence’s business.

You demonstrate the ability to adapt to our every growing and evolving business and the flexibility to work with the complexities of customer and supplier relationships – not to mention team interactions. Here at Fluence, we strive to continuously improve and to be intellectually curious. Collaboration as a team is key, both in our partnerships with our business partners and with each other.  

Fluence is defined by our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and integrity.  We take personal ownership in what we do, developing trust in our relationships with internal and external stakeholders.  We firmly believe in having honest, forthcoming, and fair communications. You take ownership of claims and feel empowered to request required input from others. 

Bring a smile and positive attitude to a challenging part of the business. We are always looking for employees who are excited by challenges and the opportunity to be problem-solvers.  Our entrepreneurial mindset allows for creativity, sense of urgency and fulfillment.  Our employees love what we do and are passionate about the way we power our world.

There are a few more things that make up the Fluence Core and define who we are and how we work:

Nothing less! We constantly strive to support the efficient management of projects to the satisfaction of all stakeholders; safely, on time and on budget. 

We work together across multiple Fluence disciplinary teams to bring colleagues together to find best in class solutions and risk mitigation. 

We work to bring innovative change and improvement to the way we manage customer claims; keeping our customers happy whilst still mitigating risk.

Fluence IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and fully subscribes to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity to ensure that all applicants and employees are considered for hire, promotion, and job status without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital or familial status.