Rwanda Public Relations and Events Planning

Site Operations

Responsible for overseeing events planning and communications with in-country stakeholders, including government, hospitals, media, local communities, and general public.


    • Build and protect an accurate and positive reputation for Zipline in country 
    • Cultivate and manage relationships with in-country media contacts, local communities/hospitals, and gov’t communications personnel
    • Manage the flow of information about Zipline to the public
    • Oversee all visitor and events planning activities (e.g. press conference, tours, official events)

Primary responsibilities

    • Develop communication plan in collaboration with Zipline-Government Communications Technical Working Group
    • Manage regular updates and meetings with Communications Technical Working Group
    • Establish effective communication channels (i.e. Radio, TV, news, events)
    • Design and develop materials (e.g. reports, talking points, briefings, press releases, press kits, posters) for in-country media and communities
    • Assess effectiveness of communication messages and tools regularly
    • Develop relationships with government communications personnel and regional and local press contacts to ensure the company reputation is promoted and to deflect criticism.
    • Gather and disseminate timely information to press and staff.
    • Act as a media spokesperson on behalf of the company and address questions and complaints.
    • Plan and oversee events
    • Ensure communication is consistent and collaborative internally and externally


    • Proven working experience in public relations required
    • Proven track record designing and executing successful public relations campaigns at both a regional and local level
    • Strong relationships with both national business and industry media outlets
    • Experience in acting as a company spokesperson; comfortable and skilled in both broadcast and print media interviews
    • Exceptional writing, editing and design skills
    • Experience in high calibre government events planning
    • Solid experience with social media including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications or a related discipline